Saturday, February 26, 2005

No Decision Yet

Well, the echo showed that Bailey's pulmonary pressure stayed the same when the Berlin Heart was turned down. So, they're not ready to make a decision yet - I think they were expecting to see the pressure increase which would have meant her heart wasn't handling the increased load and, therefore, a transplant would be necessary. So they turned the Berlin Heart down again this afternoon (to 50 beats per minute) and the plan is to turn it down to 40 on Sunday and then do another echo Monday. In Dr. T's own words, "If the pressure remains stable, then we have some more thinking to do." There are some other concerns with Bailey's heart other than the pulmonary pressure - her rhythm is out again and there is also some leakage in the mitral (I have no idea how to spell that) valve (which I don't know if it was there before or how badly it's leaking). But because her pressure is remaining stable even with the VAD doing less work, they're not so quick to decide on transplant. So, once again, time is on our hands and they're not rushing into any decision. And, as we know, this is unprecedented territory so they're going to be very careful in their decisions.

But Bailey had a great day again. She's feeling really good and her mood is good. Still eating great and sleeping great. We started knitting an afghan today - that's been fun!

I get to go home again in the morning and spent time with the other half of my family! I'll report to you all Sunday evening.

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Blogger Annette said...

Angie, I don't understand some of what you said about the medical stuff, but it seems like things are moving along well. So I'm happy for you all!!!! I tried to bake Bailey some goodies today, but they didn't turn out well, so I'll try again this weekend. I decided to come down Monday, since you won't be there this weekend. I'm glad you're able to go home and spend time with Josie and Marissa. I think it might warm up tomorrow, so that'll be nice for you and the girls! Have a relaxing time!!!!


12:46 AM  
Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

Hi guys!
Just got home from Nebraska - spoke at a conference there yesterday. Cortney read me the Bailey's Updates on the phone when I was gone. Things couldn't really be going any better, I don't think! You guys are really keeping them on their toes! Good job!
Bailey - keep up the good work on your gym workouts! I sure hope you're still laughing at least every two hours. That is proven to be better than ANY medicine!
Take care sweeties! I love you!

7:08 PM  

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