Friday, February 25, 2005

First Pizza Delivery

Bailey wanted pizza last night, so we ordered Papa John's at 10:00 to be delivered to the front desk here at the hospital. It's such a relief to see her appetite getting back. She's such an incredible girl. I know we already know that, but to see her go through everything she has to go through on a daily basis and not complain about anything at all other than pain - it is such an amazing thing to be a part of. I am so proud of her.

Doctors came in today and turned her Berlin Heart down to a rate of 60 beats per minute (it has been set on 80). They're leaving it there all night and doing an echo tomorrow to see how her own heart responds to less support. Then they say they'll sit us down and talk to us about where we're headed. I was expecting to hear something last week but I haven't pressed the issue since time is on our side - the longer we wait, the better chance her heart has to recover, if it is going to. So, tomorrow might be the day we hear something. Please keep praying for us.

Martha, thank you soooo much for the bracelet. It is beautiful, and I love all the hearts. Thank you - I truly appreciate it. Carol and Jim, the coconut cream pie was wonderful! I had to share it with the nurses because I really don't want to leave the hospital bigger than we came in! It was delicious!! Diane, thank you for taking care of my girls!

Bailey made a clay switchplate in occupational therapy yesterday. The therapist took it home to bake it and brought it back today. It's so cute! Then she made a penguin today out of clay - she's very talented. Bailey still isn't supposed to walk around since her blood is still a little too thin, but we took a wheelchair ride over to the gym for physical therapy today. The stationary bike was too big for her (even on the shortest setting) so she kicked a ball around into soccer nets for a while. That was fun! It's nice to get out of the room. We can only travel for about 30 minutes on battery power, but we can also plug into an electrical outlet if we're on a longer trip. It's not bad. Remember our first walk?! We had 5 or 6 people that had to accompany us to take all the medical equipment, but now we're just down to the Berlin Heart and Bailey. We don't even have to take the I.V. pole along with us anymore - we just unhook it and hook it back up when we return to the room. We feel so free!!

Well, the nurses are talking about taking Bailey out of the hospital for her "weekend fun". (Last weekend was her slumber party.) I didn't know this was turning into a weekly thing, but the nurses are really getting into doing fun things for her and getting her to feel as normal a pre-teen as possible. She's such a good patient, they probably fight over who's getting her on their shifts!!

Duty calls - I've got to find some makeup that she got for a gift - putting makeup on before she goes to bed? Not me!!

Love you all!


Blogger Grandma Carol said...

Hi Sweetie! Sorry I missed chatting with you yesterday! Sounds like you have a big weekend planned again! What a neat thing to look forward to! Also, so glad you are getting hungry again! You certainly had a bunch of snacks to choose from when PaPa and I were there last. That coconut cream pie sure sounded wonderful! You are making so many neat things. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Here's your riddle for the day: If a mailman went to a circus and a lion ate him, what time would it be? Ans: Ate P.M.
Too corny, huh? Ha! Papa sends his love and a "huge" hug! Chocolate chip cookies are on the way (filled with "lots" of love for you and Mommy!) Have a "wonderful" day!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Carol Williams said...

Hi, Angie & Bailey:

The taxi service is available 7/24. Just give me a call and I can be there in 30 min. or less. Just like Pizza.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Morning, Girls!

It was great to see you lastnight! It is so funny because when we left the hospital we actually saw a pizza delivery guy walking into Riley with a pizza and two Mt Dews. I said to Uncle Brian, "Wonder if that's for Bailey and Angie!" (Having seen the way you were goin' at those shrimp from Long John Silver's!!) We both laughed outloud! Then I got up this morning and read the blogpage about you ordering pizza at 10pm. I laughed outloud again! : )

I wish I could quit my job and move in with you and your mom in your Heart Center room! I enjoy every minute I get to spend with you. I'm so proud of you, Bailey. You may not know it yet, but going through big things like this brings with it big character! You definitely have BIG CHARACTER. Character is something special you can't get just by "going through". You get it by "growing through". You've undoubtedly grown through enough to turn you into the beautiful little powerhouse you've become. Full of light and life. Your body may be weak right now, but your spirit has never been stronger than it is today. You are a joy to know. I love being near you. You give me strength to "grow through" the stuff that is inevitably gonna give me big character,too.
Thank you for that. I love you.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Sue Figert Meyer said...

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Bailey, I have some things for you - I hope to bring themd own tomorrow. I hope I don't get lost (I've never been to Riley before)!

You really are getting out and about, huh! Going to Physical Therapy and moving around - it sure is a far cry from a few weeks ago!!!! Your Aunt Debi said it right - this process certainly builds character. You will really know what is important in life and appreciate it! My son Matthew was sick a few years ago and in the hospital for a period of time, and it also changed him "inside". You are a brave and amazing person, Bailey!

I hope you have a good evening. Hopefully I'll see you and your Mom tomorrow!!!!

Love and hugs,
Annette :)

5:30 PM  

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