Monday, October 29, 2007

Cardioversion #22

Yep. Believe it or not, flutter again last night. They put her back on a heprin drip (blood thinner to avoid clots) and the blood came back in her urine (don't think I told you that little detail before). They think the foley cath might have done some slight trauma when they put it in for the procedure last Friday. It cleared up after Saturday's cardioversion when they stopped the heprin, but started up again today. They stopped it again after today's cardioversion and is already looking much better, but it freaked Bailey out. She got nauseous every time she peed and I think it was just seeing the blood. There was quite a bit there - not just pink tinged. We were both up a lot last night. Her heart rate was bouncing from 120 up to 160, back and forth all night. She's not had that high of a heart rate with flutter before (well, until Friday night) and she couldn't sleep because of it pounding. Finally, she got really scared at 2:30 a.m. and had me step out and page Debbie, our very own personal nurse. Debbie is so wonderful to us. I felt awful calling her in the middle of the night, but she told me I did the right thing, and I really think I did. It was only after I talked to Debbie that Bailey and I could get any wink of sleep.

They took her back for cardioversion around 10:00. They had some trouble. The first 2 times, she went right back into flutter. They paged Dr. D and he came up and made some changes to her pacemaker setting and tried a third time, and it worked. That was so scary. These last 2 flutters haven't been like any of the other 20, so it's easy, especially in the midst of the ICU constant happenings, to get pretty scared. But she had a good afternoon and evening, and I'm sure she's waiting on me to get back down there. She's now timing my absences, giving me exactly the amount of time she thinks I need to accomplish my errand, whether it be a shower, phone calls, or blog pages. Ha! She's funny. I love her to pieces. And speaking of loving to pieces, Tom, Josie and Riss came to visit tonight. Tom's doing an incredible job of keeping them going - halloween costume is complete. I hear Riss is going to be a hippie. Tom better take pictures! Josie is going to be Hannah Montana - but she's not happy with her outfit. If we miss halloween, Bailey still wants to carve her pumpkin, so we'll be doing that a little late, but it will get done!

Love you all. Thanks Debbie for the basket! It's all wonderful and perfect! Thanks for not using Brian's radishes. (Thanks a lot, Brian!) And Bailey LOVED the black olives. They are the first thing she opened after cardioversion. The doctors were standing around watching her eat black olives, in disbelief. Ha!

And, Beal? You're right. He doesn't blink. Ha! Love you guys too - it was good to see you.

Hopefully a good night for all . . . including us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey-

My goodness I hope you both get some rest. We plan on coming to see
you this week- we will call. Angie-
I will get pictures, you know I am a nut about that. Just maybe we will bring Halloween to Bailey!!
Keep your chins up! Prayers, Prayers, Prayers!!!!!

Dee, Mark & Kids

10:29 PM  
Blogger Greg Livingston said...

Bailey & Angie,

Not another Cardioversion,boy your heart really wants to stay in Aflutter. I hope you can stay in your normal rhythm for a while, give your chest a break. You need to get well enough to get back to the Heart Center. We are all thinking of you and all praying for you both. We really miss you. GET WELL, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON !!!!

Greg (Telemetry)

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey:
It was so wonderful to see you both today. Bailey, you are such a brave and beautiful girl. We are all praying for you and will keep praying. Angie, ditto to you too! I love you and if there was anyway I could make things different I would in a minute. Well anyway, you guys are in good hands. I hope that being back on the Heart floor brings good things and that you get to go home very soon. BIG HUG - Lori

6:03 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Michelle and I are thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better. I have to say I've seen you chubby, skinny, then chubby, then skinny so please let us know when we can stop in and give you a hard time! Tony and Laura gave you a great compliment during the Heartland Gala. They are very proud to be associated with you and your family as are the rest of our staff.
Can't wait to see you,

9:24 PM  

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