Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Cardioversion (#20)

We had a great afternoon at the orchard yesterday picking out our pumpkins, drinking cider slushies, and driving through the hills to see the beautiful colors of the trees. It was a very nice and relaxing afternoon. Then, last night at 11:00, Bailey walks in my bedroom and says, "I'm out of rhythm again, Mom." Bummer! She was so nervous going into today's cardioversion after the difficulty they had on Saturday. But Dr. Darragh was the one doing it today and it went very smoothly -- it only took one shock to get her back into rhythm. We were so relieved. She's still recovering from muscle soreness from Saturday, but otherwise feels pretty good.

So, hopefully we're set for a while.

Have a wonderful week everybody! We're really enjoying the rain -- we've had so little of it this year on our side of town.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey -

Gosh- I am prayerful that Bailey
will be set for a while. Just
sit back and watch the rain today.
Keep your chins up and let me know
if you need anything.

Love you guys-


8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey
I am happy that you got your orchard visit in. We took our dogs and walked some trails in Brown County on Sunday. It was wonderful day. I saw the full documentary on Saturday along with the Muse of Fire. Both films were very thought provoking.

As always, you and your family remain in my prayers Janet Shelton

1:43 PM  

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