Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Birthday Today

Fun-filled day! So we didn't get a heart and that's all right. We found out that Luke, the 14-year old boy down the hall that needs a kidney and a heart, was up for this heart too. But he didn't get it either. That's ok - our time will come.

So, today is my birthday. It was so nice. Bailey told me she needed to "go somewhere" at noon and that I needed to "take a walk" for about a half hour. So, she disappeared (with her nurse, of course), and they came to get me about 45 minutes later. I was led into a conference room where Bailey was sitting at a table with an incredibly wonderful lunch for two -- lasagna, breadsticks, salad, chocolate eclaire cake, and drinks [not wine or anything!], with a flower centerpiece. It was so sweet! It was the best lunch I've ever had!! Bailey schemed with Debbie Murphy, the transplant coordinator, and Jorie, the social services lady, and they made and brought in the food, and Bailey set it all up and iced the cake. It was so heart-warming. She was so proud, and so was I. Thank you, Bailey, for the best lunch I've ever had! I love you!

Then, they decide to put Bailey back in isolation because of her white count being down really low, so they took the flowers away from us. At least they're sitting right outside our window so we can still see them. We still get to keep the fish in our room though. And, yes, he's still alive. I almost killed him, though. Last Friday, I decided to change his water and used the water from the tap. He lost his color - turned from blue/green into a grayish color - and was pretty much motionless all day. He perked up a little over the weekend, then found out yesterday that he was supposed to have distilled or sterile water, so the nurses gave me two bottles of sterile water. (Don't tell the authorities!) I changed his water again last night, and OH MY GOSH!!! he looks so much better. He's got his color back and he's swimming around and so pretty. He's so happy! I think it was a close call. Bailey was already calling me a "fish killer". I didn't appreciate that much - just because I thought I really was!

Dr. T came in today and spilled a cup of water all over the floor by Bailey's chair. Bailey says, "Oh, THAT'S real good! . . . YOU'RE cleaning that up!" And he actually got down on his hands and knees to clean it up. But, I tell you, he must be a crappy housekeeper because he cleaned up only about half of it and said, "That's good enough." So they fought a little bit more; he shoved some paper towell down the back of her shirt; and he walked out and returned with a HUGE syringe filled with fake lethal liquid something and taped it on the wall with a sign that says "*Caution* Lethal weapon, Do not touch!" One of the nurses is going to bring in a huge splash water gun and hang it up next to his "little" syringe with a sign that says "Bailey's lethal weapon". I have a feeling we'll be seeing a water fight soon.

Yesterday, some friends from my work came to see me for my birthday and brought in lunch. It was so wonderful! Thanks guys! It was so nice to see you all. I miss you all!! And tonight the rest of my family came to see me and brought presents and cake. It was a nice birthday. Didn't think back in January that I'd be celebrating it here at the hospital, but that's ok. It was wonderful!

Colin, Bailey's transplant friend she met here ealier this year, is back in the hospital with rejection again. Bailey gave him a dreamcatcher that she made and he hung it up on the ceiling above his bed. His parents left for the night, so he's down in our room right now playing poker with Bailey. I'm not sure who's winning - it's a little early yet. He's such a good guy and very sweet! His immune system is going to be wiped out tomorrow, so he's visiting while he can. Since Bailey's white count is down, they both have to wear masks when they visit, but they don't seem to mind a bit. I'm bummed he's back in the hospital, but it's nice to see him and his family again. And Bailey said, "It's nice to have a friend here."

I mentioned Bailey's back in isolation, but she's feeling fine. The sores in her mouth are a lot better today too. (I'm not sure if I mentioned those yesterday or not.) They expect her isolation to last only a few days.

I guess that does it for now. Oh! I finished the afghan I was knitting. Oh, it's nice to have that done. Now I can read a book! I figured out that I spent about 70-some hours knitting it. The next one is definitely going to be crochetted - it's a LOT faster!!

Take care, and I'll catch you tomorrow!

Love, Angie


Blogger Annette said...

Happy Birthday Angie. I'm glad you had a great celebration. Bailey is such a sweetheart - your lunch must have been wonderful! Chocolate eclair cake - hmmmmm, I can't even imagine.......

Have a good day today and stay positive. Chocolate eclair

Much love,
Annette :)

4:40 AM  
Blogger Julie, Dale & Jasmine said...


I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday. That cake sounded wonderful. You know, I think Bailey may be our future Celebrity Poker player. Hang in there Ang. Love you Bailey!

Julie, Dale & Jasmine

6:15 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Ang and Bails,

Hey! It was great celebrating your birthday with you yesterday, Ang. I still can't believe I was there for two hours! It seemed like 30 minutes! And those coasters you made were pretty cool, Bailey! Tell me when your next craft time is...I think I'll try to make it! I could use a little "craft therapy" after spending 8 hours a day sitting in the same chair pecking at the same computer OVER AND OVER AGAIN...DAY AFTER DAY AFTER... Oh, yeh, this isn't about me.
: )

Anyway, I had a good time with you Chicks.I can't believe Bailey told the nurse that we "are always like that!". Doesn't she know we try so hard to appear like normal human females! : ) I have to admit. The last two visits have been more fun than I've had in a looonnnnnnngggggg time.

Have a great day! I hope Little Bit is still looking so bright and blue today! Keep the "fish killer" away from him, okay, Bailey!

Has "Orlando" called you today, Bails? I figured he might. I don't know how Keith will feel if he gets word about this!

Love you both! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0
Aunt Debbie

7:57 AM  
Blogger Scott Andrews said...

Happy Birthday, Angie!!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Rev. Evans said...

Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!!!!!!
Bailey, you are in our prayers!!
Rev. David

9:43 AM  
Blogger Alison Stanley said...

Happy Birthday Angie!!! You got the royal treatment how special. You deserve it. We aren't really that old are we???? Be good to yourself.
Baily, I have been following your journey through your mom's blogs. You are an amazing young lady and a true inspiration to everyone- young and old. We have been praying for you and your family regularly in my women's bible study. Stay strong. God Bless. Alison Stanley (one of your mom's "old" classmates)

2:40 PM  

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