Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another Order to Not Eat or Drink

The day started out entertaining. Dr. T walked in at 10:00 and Bailey wasn't awake yet - of course. I said, "Go ahead and wake her up - better you than me!" So he starts clapping his hands and saying "Wake up, sunshine! Time to wake up!" Bailey doesn't even move but musters up a growl and a "Go away!" Dr. T does his stunned-and-amazed routine for a little while. Bailey still doesn't wake up. Then he walks out the door and Bailey says, "But I still love you!" We didn't even think he heard her, so we go about our business. Later, a surgery technician comes in and says, "So, I hear you love Dr. Turrentine. He's down there telling everyone how you said you still loved him." Geez! He's such a boy. Later this afternoon, he walks silently through the door, posts a paper on our wall that says, "'GO AWAY! . . . but I still love you' Bailey Hunsberger, 18 Apr 05, 1002 hrs", and he walks silently back out the door. I guess he just wanted it documented. I think he just needs a hug.

Then, some friends of ours come to visit tonight and Julie [Norris] hands Bailey a large envelope. She looks in it and pulls out three autographed pictures of Orlando Bloom and a handwritten note from his mom. It was so cool! He wrote "For dear Bailey, Thinking of you, Be brave, Lots of love, Orlando Bloom". The note from his mom says that he's filming on a remote island when he signed this. Isn't that neat?! Orlando Bloom is Bailey's favorite movie star. (He was in Pirates of the Caribbean.) So, we had fun with that and I ran out in the hall to show her nurses, and they met me with "Dr. Turrentine just called and she has orders not to eat or drink again" [which means they're looking at a possible match and we'll find out in a "couple hours"]. So, I decided not to tell Bailey until after our visitors left because I didn't know how she would react - she was pretty upset a couple weeks ago when we had a close call. But we had a very nice visit, they left, and Bailey took the news well. She called her dad and Nancy, though, to come sit with us. So, it's now 10:01 and we still haven't heard yet whether it's a "go" or not. Luckily, Bailey had just eaten two hotdogs right before her orders to not eat or drink came, so she's not starving . . . yet. But she did mention to Dave, her night nurse, that she was hungry, and he said, "Do you want a cheeseburger? Sorry!" I think he said that because she just filled her bedside toilet and he had to empty it! Haha!!

So, now we wait. Don't know where we'll be in the next 12 hours -- could be here just waking up for the day or could be downstairs in ICU. Such a strange feeling. Kind of like getting the carpet yanked out from underneath of you. There's just no time to prepare. That would be pretty cool to get Bailey's heart for my birthday!

I'll keep you posted!

Love, Angie


Blogger Todd Maurer said...

We are very excited for you. I hope this is the one. We will be thinking of you and your entire family. I can not wait for the morning for the next update.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Bailey and Angie - I just got goosebumps - I will pray for you! I don't know what's going on down there right now (it's 10:40 p.m.) but I pray you're on your way to your new heart!!!! I hope we'll hear good news tomorrow! You are both in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

All my love,
Annette :)

10:34 PM  
Blogger Sue Figert Meyer said...

Happy Birthday Angie!!

God's Gift of Life.

God gives us time
for our stories to be told,
for our journeys to be made,
for our purpose to unfold.
God give us time
to grow stonger in His grace,
to become who we are born to be,
to find our unique place
in His creation.
God made you different from
every other person in the world on purpose.
Your birthday's a day for clebrating you,
your life,
and all the unique plans God has for you.

Happy Birthday!! May God Bless you!! Sue

10:46 PM  
Blogger The Norris Family said...


Happy Birthday!

Our prayers are with you and the possible donor family!

The Norris Family

6:51 AM  
Blogger Aunt Vickie said...

OK, I'm assuming there was no match since I didn't get a call last night. You're going to make us hang here until tonight aren't you! You know I told someone the other day that I wonder what all of us blog readers out here are going to do when Bailey gets her new heart, heals, and goes home. Do you think there is such a thing as "Blog Readers Anonymous"? We're all going to go through withdrawals.

Well, whether we know or not, match or no match, we all love you tremendously and continue to pray each and every day.

Hope to hear some good news soon!

Love you, Aunt Vickie

7:14 AM  

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