Friday, April 22, 2005

More Water Fights

Boy! Today was filled with all sorts of excitement. The day started when I walked into our bathroom to take a shower and I nearly tripped over a shopping bag. In the shopping bag was a Super Splash water gun, believe it or not, from one of the doctors! The note attached said something like "Dr. T started it so we have to finish it! [Your nurse] said to aim sharply and DON'T hit the VAD!" Oh, geez! I thought the water fight was over, but I do believe it has just begun . . . and so it had. I did convince Bailey, however, to not fill it up with water but to just scare Dr. T with it. That worked well, but when he saw the water gun, he smiled a big smile and calmly walked over to pick up one of Bailey's portable toilet bowls (a clean one!) and was ready to fill it the moment Bailey shot him. So Bailey, fearful of getting dumped on, started yelling in a panic, "There's no water in it! There's no water in it!" There is never a dull moment with those two, that's for sure.

The camera crew showed up again today to get caught up. They interviewed Bailey to see what they had missed the last couple months. They interviewed me to see what were the highs and lows of our stay, etc. I told them that they were my buddies now and it would not be nice to make me cry. And Brian, the interviewer, did very well. When he saw I was beginning to lose it, he quickly went on to another question. He truly is my buddy! We got them to play a mean game of Sorry with us. That was a lot of fun. Bailey made them coasters out of the mosaic tiles, and they seemed to like those quite a bit. They're going to Japan next week to film a race and said they'd bring Bailey back something. I'm hoping they'll show up when they get back and play Bailey in poker - no beer and cigars, though. This is a children's hospital.

Just when I thought the water problems were behind us, Dr. Cox, the doctor who got Bailey the Super Splash water gun, came in and filled it with water and went after Dr. T. They somehow ended up back in our room and had it out! Water was flying everywhere. He started aiming at me and I hid behind Amanda, the nurse, in complete and utter shock! I'm the innocent mother, people!! Dr. Cox did get Dr. T pretty good. His white coat was pretty wet. And the floor was completely soaked! Believe it or not, not even a drop on the Berlin Heart. I don't know how that happened!!

Colin still isn't able to leave his room, so they started passing letters back and forth. Just before the incoming phones turned off at 9:00, they got on the phone with each other and are still playing Battleship. I'm glad they can at least communicate. Bailey offered him some Twizzlers, but he told the nurse he had to be in the mood for it and he just wasn't in the mood for it right now. Bailey accused him of being "high maintenance, dude!" It was funny.

They're having a Code Blue right now on the Heart Center. It's a strange feeling. There's not a nurse to be found outside of the huge huddle in the one room. About every 15 minutes, someone comes around and checks to make sure the rest of the patients are ok. Lots of times I think I really would like to work here as a nurse, but at times like this, I get a stomach ache at the thought. All sorts of alarms and beeps and bells going off. Yucky feeling.

Marissa gets to spend the day with us tomorrow and Josie is coming over tomorrow evening and they're both spending the night. We're going to have a little slumber party! Popcorn, movies, cookies, lots of caffeine, little sleep - what could be better?!

Oh, Brian, the documentary guy (who's buddies with Patrick Dempsey) said Patrick Dempsey called him over the weekend to see how the documentary was going and how Bailey is doing. I asked if he asked about me, but I don't think he did. Hm.

I'd better get back to the room. I'm on the computer in the kitchen since Bailey is hogging the phone and the laptop is a dial-up connection to the internet. Hope she's done playing with Colin, I'm a little bored!

Talk to you all tomorrow night!
Love you all, Angie


Blogger Annette said...

Hi Angie! I hope you have a good weekend! I think it's going to rain all weekend, but you seem to be having a lot of water in Bailey's room anyway! I'd love to see those doctors going at each other. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date about Bailey.

Annette :)

6:46 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debi said...

Hey Bails & Angie, hope you are doing well today and staying dry. We are getting our new dog this weekend so I am going to e-mail you pictures of the baby at your e-mail address, he is already 23lbs and only 8 weeks old. I think Boone & Crockett are going to be in for a big surprise. I hope you are feeling well and enjoying having your friend Colin nearby. I keep wishing good things for you and praying, praying, praying. Lots of Love from us to you.

8:36 AM  

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