Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Feeling Better

Today started out as another rough day. Bailey's headache was gone but she still had the nausea and vomiting. Doctors still don't think it's medication. They think either a "bug" or just something that triggered a migraine. But she took a power nap this afternoon and felt pretty good when she woke up and has been feeling better ever since. She even had me order a pizza for dinner . . . and it stayed down, so far.

Dr. T is so excited about Bailey's surprise that she doesn't know I know about and that I can't tell anyone about until it's happened. (Did that make sense?) He is just going to blow her away, and he is so excited about that. He's just acting like a kid. Even another doctor here (who will remain nameless for his/her own protection) said he's driving them nuts over this. Haha!! It will be fun. Can't wait to tell you about it. (By the way, any visitors planning to come Thursday night will probably not find us in our room. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Remember a couple weeks ago when we had a really nice, warm, sunny day and Bailey didn't feel good? Since we were not able to enjoy the sunshine, I was hoping to get out on our next warm, sunny day. Well, today was it. And, no, we didn't get out because Bailey wasn't feeling well again. But I hear tomorrow is supposed to be even better. Maybe we'll finally make it outside!

Not much more going on for right now. Lots of people out on spring break and half my family (my sisters) is in Florida on spring break. So, I dug out my Florida sweatshirt from last year and am wearing it around the hospital pretending we're there too. I'm also wearing my Jamaica pin from last year and am reading a book about this couple from Toronto that bought a sailboat and took 2 years to sail down through the Carribean Islands. I see a pattern here. I think I need a tropical vacation. In due time, in due time. (By the way, to all my Jamaica buddies out there, this book is called An Embarrassment of Mangoes and there are a lot of references in it that remind me of Jamaica. You might enjoy reading it yourself. It's very light reading, and the author is Ann Vanderhoof . . . in case you might be interested.)

Hope all is well with everyone out there. Learning a little more every day about the transplant process. Talked today about how it's a tightly orchestrated process to harvest the organs. Since all the donated organs from a single donor would be going to all different places, all the representative medical teams are there simply waiting in line to get their organ. The heart comes out first, then the lungs, and then the abdominal organs. It still seems all like a dream right now to me. It just seems like we've stepped out of our normal lives momentarily - which, I guess we really have. Only God knows when we'll get back to "normal" and what that "normal" will be.

Thank you for all your continued prayers, comments, and cards. Because of you, we don't feel forgotten. And, because of God, we're able to continue our positive thoughts. Thank you all! Talk to you tomorrow.

Love, Angie


Blogger Annette said...

Wow Angie! That was a beautiful post. I'm so glad Bailey is feeling better today.

I'm also so glad I got to visit you both today! In spite of it being a hospital room, it looks quite cozy! I was blown away by all of Bailey's gifts!

I hope Bailey will be able to get outside for some sun and fresh air soon. It'll do her a world of good - make her blonde hair shine!!!!

Well, have a good day tomorrow. Bailey, I hope you're feeling better tomorrow and can enjoy the candies!

Love to you both,
Annette :)

11:46 PM  
Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

Hi Bailey! Rest assured, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It has just been rather crazy lately. Tim and I both had yet another round of colds. I guess with both of us working at universities we are exposed to anything and everything going around. (One of those hidden benefits, I suppose.) We are well now though!

Sorry to hear that you have had a couple of days of headache and nausea - no fun. Hope today is better for you, and maybe you can get outside to soak up a few rays before the rain moves in...again.

Adam, Acey, Craig, and Ashley were all home for Easter. Very nice! In case you don't know, Adam and Acey are engaged! They went to Pensacola, Florida for spring break with several of their friends, staying with the family of one of Adam's roommates. While there they went for a quiet walk on the beach, had some appetizers at a beach-side restaurant, then walked out onto the pier to watch the sunset.........and Adam proposed! Now isn't that just cool! They are planning a May 2006 wedding in Texas, so guess where you get to go next May! I am looking at some resorts around Galveston so as soon as they set an absolute definite date I will get a couple of big time share units for the Hale/Hunsberger/Jones/Hornbeck crew to stay in. It will be so fun!

We will be up to see you before long. Keep that bunch up there in line if you can. It's a big job, but if anyone can do can!

We all continue to pray for you each and every day! Love you so much! Oh, would you give Nancy a hug and kiss for me? And Nancy, would you give Bailey a hug and kiss for me? That will work until I can get up there to deliver them in person!

8:05 AM  
Blogger Carmen Pahud said...

Hi Bailey and Angie! Bailey, I hope you’re feeling better today. Angie all your updates are wonderful and today’s particularly touched me because of your beautiful last paragraph. You are certainly not forgotten. I know there are many like me who are continually following the progress but don’t post a comment often. Believe me, we are all thinking, praying and continually inspired by your courage, faith and positive outlook. It is good to hear you speak about the fun things down the road like summer (tropical) vacations, horse riding and gymnastics because that's such a great focus for you now. Of course there are still challenges ahead (which I believe Bailey will come through with her beautiful "Bailey flying colors") and the end result will be happy, wonderful things for you in the future. You continue to be an awesome inspiration and blessing to us all. God bless you Bailey and Angie and the rest of your wonderful family.

P.S. Can’t wait to hear about the you know what, whatever it is.


8:43 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Well, I guess we won't be seeing you Thursday night! Gee! What could be better than a visit from Aunt Debbie...I know...I know...just about anything, right! Little skunk! : ) Remember, now, your birthday is just around the corner!

I am excited for you guys too! Let me know how it goes! I'll be waiting to hear!!

I love you. I won't know what to do with myself Thursday night, but I guess I'll find something to do around here with two teenagers and a lazy dog! : ) HAVE FUN!!!! Ang-don't forget a camera!!


8:58 AM  
Blogger Lecia said...

Hi guys! Connie and I are trying to figure this whole blog thing out....

8:08 PM  
Blogger Lecia said...

Okay, maybe I got it...
So, you're getting pretty "famous" now??!! Don't forget us poor humble souls in reality...just kidding...I miss seeing you guys so being able to keep up with you first hand gives me a feeling of connectedness (not a scrabble word, but it works here) We'll keep you in our prayers! Miss the whole family, even though Rissy won't talk to me :-) Lecia

8:12 PM  

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