Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Working on Week 8

Today was a good day. Not much going on. Took a walk to both gift shops -- Bailey wanted to spend some of her money that her dad's paying her for taking her nasty medicine. Since Bailey's talked Dr. T into reducing her epogen shot to once a week instead of the 3 times a week, Dr. T is now concerned about that $4 a week they (I say "they" because he has talked himself into believing he's getting a cut of Bailey's profits) are losing as a result. So he threatened to bump her back up to 3 times a week. They're having such a good time together.

Bailey's nurse, Leslie, came in and brought some kind of grossly sour candy. She and Bailey were discussing the other day about which one of them could handle the sourest candy. So, in an effort to find out, Leslie and Bailey had a sour-candy-eating contest this afternoon. Leslie announces: "One, Two, Three, Go!" And they both pop the candy in their mouths and just sit there staring at each other with big round eyes! Neither one of them make a facial expression or a comment. Leslie simply says "Well, that wasn't bad at all." Bailey tosses me one, and I decide to try and follow in their footsteps. Well, I failed to do that, unless their footsteps led them directly to the trash can to dump the piece of candy that they had already spit out with much intended force into the palm of their hands! IT WAS AWFUL!!! "Not bad at all?!" They're crazy! They both enjoyed themselves quite heftily on my count. I, then, had to eat a row of Peeps. I'm much better now.

Tom and the girls came to visit tonight. Rissy looked so cute in her little capri pants, and Josie is growing like a weed. It's only been 2 days since I've seen them, but it seems like a week already.

So this is week 8 (54 days to be exact). I heard that Mimi Pearce said hello to Bailey on the radio today and mentioned that she'd been in here 54 days. I thought I was the only one counting! We calculated this morning, and I've seen (and Bailey, of course, has endured) nearly 100 dressing changes. That is a lot of dressing changes.

Hope all is going well at R&L - I miss you guys! Hope all is well at First Christian Church in Shelbyville - I miss you guys too!

Bailey's birthday is coming up (April 3 -- 13 years old, can you believe it?!) and we're trying to plan a small party. It's kind of strange since it's quite possible it will be postponed if her heart comes in before then. But we'll just "go with the flow". Her birthdays have always been more of milestones for us than just simple birthday celebrations. And to think that 13 years ago we were here for a month after she was born. It's a little overwhelming to think about the full circle that we've come. Maybe she'll get her heart on her birthday. Wouldn't THAT be cool!

I need to go. Pizza will be here any minute. Haha!! Talk to you tomorrow.



Blogger Lara said...

How about a Lemon eating contest? I'll challenge Bailey to that! I'd take sour candy over Peeps anyday (sorry Ang!) I tried to call again, but no answer. Maybe the third time is the charm?? We'll see. Hope you got some good stuff at the gift shops - it might make up a little bit for the nasty medicine.

As always, thanks for the updates Angie!

Love, Lara

11:51 PM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Good Morning, Chicks!
(I thought that greeting would be especially appropriate seeing as how Easter is only 4 days away!) Or should I have said "Peeps" (no...that definitely sounds too gangsta!) ha ha

You know, I've been thinking about what to get you for your birthday, Bails. I think I finally thought of something you could really use...a storage unit for all the gifts, awards, and various inheritances you get!! Yeah! I know,...I'm a great Aunt! (ok...relax...I'm only kidding!) I'm still trying to figure out how to convince Keith to jump out of a cake. Hey! I bet I could bribe Dr. T to do it for sure! He'll do anything for a buck it sounds like. Yeh! I can see it now...he jumps out to a rousing performance of Smoke on the Water!

Oh, my goodness! Patrick Dempsey! Patrick Dempsey is to me what Keith Urban is to you and your Mom! : ) Lucky Seven is one of my favorite movies! Call me if you need someone to follow him around with his favorite soda and snack on the day of shooting. I think I could get the day off. You know, anything I can do to help out!! : ) He, by the way, has a new show on TV pretty soon. It's a hospital drama...can you believe it! That's never been done before! : )

Well, I have to get back to torture now...I mean work! Did I say torture?
Love you guys. Have a good day! xoxoxoxo

8:28 AM  
Blogger AuntieJean said...

Hi Angie, This is a message for you. You have been in my prayers along with Bailey, your family and everyone else who has given so much time to being with Bailey. She is a great little girl and she didn't get that way on her own. It was from the love of God, her family and friends.

Thank you so much for the up-dates, I read every day. This is a wonderful way to keep us, so far away, involved.

Give her a hug FOR me and have her give you a hug FROM me. I haven't seen you in years, but after seeing Bailey, you have done a wonderful job. Love, Auntie Jean

12:52 PM  
Blogger Aunt Debi said...

Bails: Sour candy eating contest, Yuck! I am with your Mom that stuff is nasty. So now the other Aunt Debbie is trying to horn in on my Patrick Dempsey time, I just can't win. I wanted to let you know that we are leaving for Florida in the morning and I will not be able to post for a little while, but I will keep praying for you and thinking about you everyday. Your Dad is going to call us with any news. We love you sweetie, let me know if you want anything from the sunny state. I will call you in the next day or so. Lots of Love!!!!

10:38 PM  

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