Monday, September 10, 2007

So Far So Good

Bailey took a nice 2-hour nap this afternoon. She's got a sore hand - her IV was starting to go bad so the cath lab replaced it while she was under anesthesia. We're so hopeful that she stays in rhythm that every time a medical professional walks through the door, I try to read their eyes to see if they have bad news about flutter. (I can't see her rhythm in our room - they have her on a monitor that only the telemetry room can see. It's probably good for me, or I'd be staring at it every minute of the day.) Our med student, Matt, has been coming in every couple hours to tell us the rhythm still looks good. We love Matt. Ha!

They went down on the milrinone at 5:00 and will be turning it off at 11:00 tonight. She will hopefully tolerate the weaning. So now that her heart is in rhythm again, hopefully the fluid on her belly will start to go down. Dr. D said it will take days for it to go away. We might go home tomorrow if all goes well today, tonight and tomorrow, but I told Dr. D we wouldn't hold him to that. I feel pretty uncomfortable going home before she loses any fluid. And Dr. B said not to get too down if she goes back into flutter at some point because we're in a transition from the old med to the new med and her worsened heart function (hopefully due to the old med). I'm glad he told us that because I could see myself flipping out if she goes into flutter again.

Dr. T's been popping in nearly every day to check on Bailey. He can quickly tell when she's not feeling good because she doesn't give him any grief. I like it better when she feels good and they go back and forth at each other.

We're trying to get some homework done, but it's kind of hard when she's not feeling the best. She is feeling better, but still not quite herself. Even if we go home tomorrow, Dr. D says no school at least for the rest of this week. Maybe she'll feel like doing more homework when she gets home.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the support and love you show through your comments. They all brighten our day. Helps us feel like we can make it through this.

Love you all!

(Lynn, hope Will is doing much better!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey & Angie -

We pray that tonight you both get some rest and Bailey continues to improve.

Peace & Prayers-

Dee, Mark & Kids

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my girls...."It's me again, Margaret" you even have a clue as to what I'm talking about? (It's that old Ray Stevens song) Yes, I know, I'm a goof ball, but I feel like a broken record who has nothing to say but I love you!

I promise I'll never stop saying it to you. May you sleep well tonight, the heart stay in rhythm and the belly go down! Sounds like a country song right there! Hope I made you giggle!

love to you...Mary Ann

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Riley said...

Angie - I want to thank you again for writing this blog. It is really such a blessing to me. I miss you guys so much; so, I love to hear how you are doing. I love it more when Bailey is feeling well! :) Bailey, I'm glad you're back in rhythm and feeling better! I'm praying that fluid comes off quickly! I love you guys! Have a good night and take care.



10:09 PM  

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