Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brownie Thursday

Brownie Thursday was back today. The nurses were so happy! There were only 2 nurses working today who knew what Brownie Thursday was and they ran around explaining it to the others. They were so cute. Brought back memories for all of us. Thank you, Sue! And thank you to Vickie, Tami and Diane for all the food. It is wonderful!

Bailey had fun today. Scott brought her guitar in and she had a "jam session" with Matt, our med student. He's such a good guy. He plays guitar too, and they were teaching each other some of their music. He's on the Heart Center for the month of September learning as much as he can about cardiology. I think he really enjoyed talking to Bailey about her life experience and especially the last 2 years. It's been fun getting to know him. And we have a great resident too. Dr. Barkimer is taking great care of us. He doesn't hesitate to stay in contact with Dr. Darragh and Dr. Cordes, the cardiologist on service, when Bailey starts not feeling so well. We think he would make a great cardiologist.

Today was a pretty good day. Bailey's weigh-in this morning went up a little bit again, but she was still feeling good. She spent all day working on T-shirts for Josie's birthday party and all her friends. She's so sweet. She feels bad about being in the hospital during Josie's birthday and potentially ruining it (although I've reassured her that she's not ruining anything), she wanted to make the T-shirts so they could wear them to the high school football game tomorrow night. They really are fun. She's done a great job and has worked all day on them. She did a little bit of homework this morning but when Aunt Vickie delivered the T-shirts, she jumped right in and is just now putting them down for the night.

They went down on the Milranone in anticipation of weening her off of it and sending her home tomorrow and she got an extra does of I.V. lasix today to get as much fluid off as they could, but her blood pressure dropped really low this evening and she started not feeling so well for a while. So they went back up on the milranone and gave her a little bit of fluid because they thought she might be a little dehydrated. She started immediately feeling better again. So, I don't know if this means we might not be going home tomorrow or what. We'll see.

Hope you all are having a good evening. Lots of Colts ware around the hospital today.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey:

I didn't get an invitation to Josie's Party. Also, I never get to meet the Blue Angels, Jeff Gordon, Pres. Bush, Dr. McDreamy, or any of the pretty people that pass through your life. I lead such a dull life!

Please please have a good weekend!!

Love & Hugs, CAROL

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey & Angie,

I hope you feel better Bailey!!! I can't wait to see the t-shirts you made. I really hope your new medicine will make you feel better. You'll have to teach me some jams on the guitar! (just kidding I'm not the greatest with music);). I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!! :)


3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey, Angie & all,
I just recently logged in to see if anything new was up. Thanks for keeping things up to date here. We love you guys, are praying and will talk to you soon.
Love, Nancy DeCamp

4:57 PM  

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