Friday, September 07, 2007

Don't Get to Go Home

Well, Bailey doesn't get to go home today, but I do. In fact, we're pretty certain Bailey is staying at the hospital until they cardiovert on Monday. They just can't seem to get rid of any more fluid, and she has about 15 pounds left. And she's still in flutter, so things aren't working quite like they should be. So, she's perfectly happy to stay at the hospital - she feels much safer there. One thing we've seen these past 2 years is that things can change very quickly - for better or worse. In fact, last night her B.P. dropped and she started feeling pretty bad very suddenly. And, when they bumped the milranone back up and started fluids, she improved dramatically in 2 minutes . . . seriously. I don't think they're making any more changes over the weekend, so we're hoping for an uneventful few days.

I'm actually writing this from home. I came home to help Josie with her birthday party - we're waiting on 5 more girls to show up. The pizza's ready to pop in the oven, her birthday cake (which is cheese cake - that's what she requested) is ready to be cut, the snacks are on the table, and the decorations are going up as we speak. Tom did all the grocery and decoration shopping, and Nancy helped me with the birthday shopping (thank you Nancy!), and Bailey finished the T-shirts. Very, very cute. She even made Rissy one - didn't want her to be left out. I'll take a picture of the girls with their T-shirts on and post it very soon. So, we'll have the party tonight, then we're returning to the hospital by noon tomorrow and we'll celebrate with Bailey. Sometimes you just gotta do the best you can. Josie wants to go to the Franklin Central High School homecoming game tonight with her friends, but don't know if that's gonna happen - it's raining pretty good right now. Knowing Indiana, though, it could be dry again by 7:00.

I'd better go help decorate. Just wanted to keep you posted. It's really, really hard being away from Bailey right now, but I'll return soon. And she's already called me on my cell phone - one of her favorite nurses, Jenny, is working tonight so she'll be fine. And her dad is staying with her too - don't think I left her completely unattended.

Love you all!
(Jill, in case you might happen to be reading this, you are in my prayers.)


Anonymous Anonymous said... are one strong, remarkable lady. We keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers daily. Enjoy your evening of celebration knowing Bailey is in good hands, and I hope she gets to come home soon!!

Teri Margason

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie, so glad you are home with Josie and the "party girls". Bailey is good hands with her Dad and Jenny tonight! You are one of if not the strongest gals I have ever met. I love you and pray daily for Bailey to recover soon. I love you too Bailey. Have a great evening and I know the party will be on tomorrow with Bailey......

6:09 PM  
Blogger Aunt Debi said...

Hey Bails! Hope you enjoyed your ribs! I can't wait for you to come home so you can drive me around again. I hear you have a med student your spending time with, is he cute? He is way too old for you, but it certainly makes it more fun if their cute. we love you bunches sweetie. Ryann, Grae, Uncle John and the big slobbery Harley send you lots of XOXOXOXOX

7:31 PM  

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