Sunday, July 15, 2007

No News is Good News

Good morning, everybody!

Bailey only has 1 more 2-hour class (tomorrow afternoon-Mon.) and she will have made it through her entire driver's ed without missing any class time or driving time. Aaaahhhhh!!! She's feeling really good and not accumulating much fluid around her belly. Is this the right medicine/pacemaker combination? We'll see!

The Jeff Gordon bowling tournament is coming up and the Riley Foundation has invited Bailey to have a team. She's chosen me, Scott (her dad) and Dr. T, but he couldn't make it so she's hoping Dr. Darragh will join us. I'm hoping this is much more for fun as opposed to any sort of competition because I don't bowl. I have a good friend, Curt, who lives in South Carolina and owns/runs bowling alleys (and even one in Greenfield now) who has bowled his entire life. And my husband bowls on a team and is very good. But I can't. Never have. I've never understood how some people have so much fun at it. If I was good, I'm sure I would think differently, but . . . I'm not good. So! I'm hoping Dr. Darragh is a really, really good bowler whose high school bowling days and adult league days will come back like a lion. Yep, that's what I'm hoping.

Marissa got her hair cut - a little bob at chin-length. So cute! Of course, daddy wanted her to keep her long hair (because he's never had long hair and has never had to take care of it!), but she's very happy with it, and so cute!

Josie just got back from vacation in Florida with our neighbors. Sounds like they had a LOT of fun. They're good people. I'm glad Josie got to go. I only have 1 vacation day left for the rest of the year - all these cardioversions are costly in many ways. I might have to schedule a vacation beginning Jan. 2nd!

Thank you all for hanging in there with us. Hopefully more good news will follow.

Hey! My sister, Cindy, is forming a team called "Bailey's Team" to walk in the American Heart Association's Heart walk in September. If you'd like to raise money and walk with us, or if you'd like to donate, go to the site below. Click either "joint our team" or click one of the walker's names to donate. The great thing about the AHA is that everyone benefits from their research. If we're not personally at risk for heart attack or stroke (and unfortunately a lot of us are), we know someone who has suffered from heart attack or stroke. So it becomes very personal for all of us. Help us raise money for research! Thanks!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Love you,


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We always like to celebrate (and thank God for) our blessings !!!!

Much love, CAROL

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