Sunday, May 06, 2007

Staying Another Day

Fluid's still coming off, but she can stand to lose a few more pounds, so we're here until at least tomorrow (Monday). I'm kind of glad Dr. D will get to see her again before we leave here. Everything seems to be going very well. I just feel very safe when he's around. Not that we don't feel safe here anyway . . . he's just great to have around.

Since we're here another day, we decided to visit the gift shop. We found some fun stuff, but nearly wiped out the shop. Hm. Sorry Tom. :)

Josie and Marissa and I walked down to Taco Bell - it's beautiful outside! Brought Bailey back the lowest-sodium item they had on their menu. Which, in case anyone is wondering, is the hard-shell taco. (The soft shell taco has almost twice the sodium!) That's your lesson for the day.

Have a great day - enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all miss Angie here at work, and hope you'll both be "sprung" today to enjoy at least part of a beautiful spring day. It's so strange seeing Bailey back at Riley because she is so different from the tiny, quiet little thing that she was so often during the "Berlin Heart days". It's hard to believe that it's the same girl, and you really get a picture of the change in Bailey when you see her back in the hospital bed. Although a set back is difficult, the overall course for Bailey seems to be so positive! Hang in there, we love you, and hope to see you soon.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Grandma Carol said...

Hi, Bailey and Angie! So glad things are going so well. Sure have been thinking about both of you a lot and sending up lots of prayers for you too!! Papa and I love you both very much and hope you get to go home real soon so you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Sure am glad to get such a "positive" report. Angie, I know how much it must mean to Bailey to have you there with her. You are such a good Mom! I know Bailey knows how blessed she is to have you! We think so too! Have a "great" day and know that we are thinking about you both! See you soon!!

10:39 AM  

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