Friday, June 01, 2007


So, it was yesterday afternoon approximately 5:06 p.m. and Bailey's sitting in her hospital bed working on a brainteaser book and she looks up and shouts out to nurse Jennifer who's sitting at her station right outside Bailey's room, and she says, "Hey, Jennifer! What's my heart rate doing out there?" (The monitors are out in the hallway.) Jennifer looks at it and says, "Well, it's 128. Do you feel like you're in flutter?" So, it goes on and on, and telemetry makes it official that she's in flutter. She fell out of rhythm at 5:06 p.m. Bummer. She's so disappointed because everyone's been saying these past 2 days, "Well, at least you're not in flutter." So she starts crying and then gets mad and then cries again. But that only lasts about 15 minutes, and she's back to her positive little self. We're already here where she needs to be, so they adjust some of her medications that they were weaning her off of in order to be discharged, and schedule her for a cardioversion today.

Good news, though, is that the teacher here at Riley called Bailey's counselor at school, and they have agreed to fax her final exams over and let the Riley teacher give them to her and then fax them back over. So, as I sit here and write, she's taking her final exams. SO NICE to get that over with. She's telling everyone here that she has to be home by Saturday night, at least, because she's riding in the Miracle Ride on Sunday with her dad. He bought her a brand new helmet. I think she looks like Danica Patrick. But everyone's still hopeful to send us home today. I'm hoping for that too, because Marissa's last softball game is tonight.

Gotta go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey and Angie: We just heard that the cardiovert went well, and that Bailey is feeling great! Wonderful news to start the weekend. We hope to see you both very soon.
Love, Diane

12:50 PM  
Blogger Grandma Carol said...

Hi everyone! So glad you're feeling better, Bailey! Have been thinking about you and sending up lots of prayers! Hope you get to go home today. Way to go, Rissy! I sure wish PaPa and I could have seen you pitch. I can't wait to tell PaPa. He will be so proud of you! Please call us and let us know how your game goes tonight, ok? Bailey, hope to see you soon! Josie, love you too, Sweetheart! I didn't forget you! Have fun now that school is out! Maybe we can go to Mrs. Curls some Saturday night and you can do kareoke! See you soon! Love you!!! Grandma Carol

2:22 PM  

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