Saturday, June 02, 2007

We're Home

They decided to let us go home last night (Friday) at 7:00. They were ok with what the heart monitor was showing. So, let's see how long we can stay home this time. Hopefully a long, long time. We're really cracking down on her low-sodium diet. Even went to Borders tonight (in the middle of the thunder storm - we got drenched!) to purchase a few low-sodium cookbooks and reference books. We're gonna kick some sodium toosh now! I really did need the books though. I made some black bean soup today and Bailey, bless her sweet little heart, was shaking her head yes when I would ask (several times) if it was ok, and if it was "doable". Then at the end of the meal, after noticing she hardly ate any of her soup at all (but she devoured the cornbread), she confessed that she didn't think it was very good. We both started laughing. Then I dumped some salt into my bowl and ate the rest. Ha! That's when we decided to take a trip to Borders.

Bailey rides in the Miracle Ride tomorrow with her dad. She's really excited about it, so I hope it doesn't rain on them.

Had fun playing outside today with the girls -- planted some flowers, practiced pitching with Riss (she's pitching in Monday night's tournament game), drank LOTS of iced tea, and watched Tom dig a humongous hole in the back yard with a shovel and a pick to plant his $200 maple tree that's about 15 feet tall. I personally like to mail order the trees -- they come as twigs and you only need a hole about the size of a 2-gallon bucket. That's my speed!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay cool and stay dry.

Thank you for your continued prayers!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Bailey is home again! Today Alex is having her next pacemaker surgery at Riley to try to attach the Atrial lead. We missed the Miracle Ride this year, but Alex and I hope to ride in it again next year! Keep in touch.

-- The Millers

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