Friday, June 01, 2007


Sorry! Had to leave my last post in a hurry - Jennifer came in and said they were ready for Bailey in the cath lab for her cardioversion . . .

So, as I was saying (or maybe I hadn't gotten there yet), I missed Marissa's softball game last night and found out that she pitched! I missed her pitching debut! I guess she did really good. She walked 4 girls (which is the norm for 1st grade pitchers) but she threw some strikes and made some really good throws to 1st base. And then she played 1st base. Her last game is tonight, and I'm hoping we're home so I get to see it. Her tournament starts Monday. She says, "I hope we don't play the pink or black team because we'll lose!"

So, went down to the cath lab for Bailey's cardioversion and Dr. Bramlett - a really nice cardiology fellow who's been with us these past several months so he knows Bailey and her condition really well - met us down there and he rushed in and stopped dead in the doorway and just looks at us and pauses. He has both our undivided attention, and we're waiting for some great words of wisdom, but he just says, "Let's geet 'er done." Boy! Talk like that gives us all the confidence in the world! Ha! No, he's great. He takes good care of us. So, the cardioversion went well and Bailey's already back to her room eating lunch. I don't think we made the deadline for grading her finals (which was 1:00 today - in about 8 minutes). She finished 2 1/2 exams (out of 4) when they came to get her for the procedure. She only has to finish 1 1/2 more and then school's done! Yeah! We made it through her freshman year with ump-teen-million absenses, but at least we made it.

Not sure if we're going home tonight or tomorrow. Dr. B might want to watch her through the night again, but, either way, we'll be home soon.

Another day, another cardioversion. Ha!

Love to all out there -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think positive and get on home!

Talk about miracles - I can't believe Marissa is front and center like she is. I would think pitching would be equal to singing a solo on stage...........

Love to you all. Carol

2:17 PM  

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