Saturday, April 07, 2007

. . . and more pictures.

Josie shoots down the water slide.

Bailey hangs with her friends (L-R: Charley, Alyssa, Logan and Josh).

Josie and Bailey and some friends, with the Jonas Brothers (top row).

Bailey's friend, Monica, gets her medal.

And then she stands. I held it together pretty good until then . . . well, no I didn't. I cried during the entire medal ceremony, but seeing Monica stand made me lose it.

Our wonderful friends from Wal-Mart who raise LOTS of money for CMN. "Munch" (white shirt) became Bailey's buddy - they share the same birthday!
Ben, the Champion kid from Georgia, sings for one of the other Champion kids, Justin, who didn't believe Ben was going to sing on stage that night.

Our buddy, Austin DeGroot (Wisconsin), wins Miracle Idol!

A Jonas brother sings to the girls (see Bailey?).

Mark Wills (another country music singer) sings for us.

Richie McDonald sings with Danielle.


Anonymous Danny said...

the pictuers are great, it saddens me to know that there's so many kids with serious problems, on the upside of things its great that theres groups and organizations that do things for the kids like that. its really really great, maybe kat will be able to attend something like that some day.

10:56 AM  

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