Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cardioversion Went Well

Bailey's cardioversion went well today. It wasn't as difficult for Dr. Darragh as last time was (when he said he had to use quite a bit of power). She had so little anesthesia that he gave us the OK to go home 1 hour after leaving recovery. I was expecting to be there at least 4 more hours while she slept through her anesthesia and woke up to nausea, etc. We didn't leave the hospital until about 3:00, though, because we had to check in with Dr. Hubbard (Bailey's pacemaker doctor) so she could make a few adjustments and check things out. It was explained to us that the pacemaker gets a little confused when the heart beats our of rhythm. So she un-confused it and bumped the rate up a little bit more. That adjustment and some adjustments to medication that Dr. Darragh made are intended to make it more difficult for Bailey's heart to fall out of rhythm. (Danny, thank you for your comments - I'm praying for your cousin. I hope all goes very well. This world of cardiology can be pretty scary sometimes, can't it?! I don't know what a cardiograph is, but a cardioversion is simply a shock to the heart to get it beating in rhythm again. In comparison to all Bailey's been through, it's a relatively minor procedure. But we still have a hard time sleeping the night before!)

I'm tired. I think if I don't sign off pretty quickly I'll fall asleep at the keyboard. So, hope everyone had a great day. Don't forget to smile at the little things - that's what keeps us going sometimes. Happy Birthday, Tom - I love you.

Check back with you later.


Anonymous Danny said...

I'm glad to hear that the cardioversoin went well... the basics from what I understand is that the cardiograph is just taking a look at the heart. When Kat went through that though, when she woke up she didn't know where she was or what was going on, memory loss, & couldn't talk.. I really do admire you, for what you've been through & how you've seem to stay so positive, I admire baily as well, same reason ofcourse. but, my cousin, (katie) is doing well... I don't know much more then that. but, I do know she's alot happier home. lol.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Indiana Miller Family said...

Angie - Not sure if you remember us or not, but we visited Bailey at Riley. Our daughter Alex is almost 16 and has heart disease. I just happened to check your Blog and saw the updates. Interestingly enough, we have been going through some of the exact same things with Dr Hubbard. Alex had a pacemaker installed this summer too! She still has arrhythmias from time to time (unforunately) and they are trying to figure that out. Given her condition they were not able to hook the pacemaker up to her Atrium (they tried), just her Ventricle. They will try surgery again to try to attach the rest. Meantime we adjust meds, etc. Small world, huh!?

-- Charles Miller (

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Jane Hostetler said...

Hi Bailey - So glad that things are going well. I am SO HAPPY that Dr. Hubbard is one of your doctors. We simply love her. She was Bobby's cardiologist who treaed him for his Kawasaki. I actually sent her one of Bobby's graduation announcments last spring along with a picture of him at a year old, which was when he was hospitalized. I truly feel in my heart that if we had not had Dr. Hubbard we would not have had a graduation to celebrate. We thank God for Dr. Hubbard and all of Riley every day. Take care. Jane & Bob Hostetler

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