Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Irregular Heartbeat

Hm. Bummer. Bailey was at another orchestra event this morning (what a coincidence - I hope it's not her violin that does it!) when her heart went out of rhythm. Again, she wasn't sick, but she was very emotionally upset. One of the other girls in the orchestra made a very rude comment to one of the other boys about Bailey. You know how that goes! Well, as a mother, that didn't make me very happy to begin with, then to see the repercussions it had on her health . . . It just renewed my convictions I have always had about bullies. So, that's something else we have to deal with after we get Bailey taken care of. Anyway, lots of phone calls today with doctors and our nurse about what to do. We thought they might try to pace her out of it again using her pacemaker (last time was unsuccessful), but the plan was to to the twice-daily Lovenox shots (which are very, very painful) to lessen the risk of clotting, and cardiovert on Monday, but we got another phone call and they want us to come in and try a drug given through an IV drip to see if that will cause her heart to fall back into rhythm. For the life of me, I don't remember the name of the drug. Dr. Hubbard mentioned it on the phone, but I was on my cell phone and I can't hear too well on that thing. So, we're waiting on a phone call from the Heart Center so we can come in (probably overnight, I believe) and see if this med works.

I think we all need things in our life like this - things that make us drop everything and go in a different direction - just to help us appreciate those "normal" days. Normal is good. Normal, meaning the spats between siblings, the sound of a leaky toilet, the car sitting in the driveway that's in dire need of Mike's Carwash, the buds on the trees letting us know that spring is knocking on our door, the dirty dishes laying in the sink, the piles of clothes waiting to be laundered, the taxes waiting to be done, the neighbors finally able to take walks now that the snow is melted . . . normal is good. But these days are good too - they serve a purpose. They get Bailey's Team hopping to come up with a plan, and they just put things into perspective.

Life is good - the normal days and the not-so-normal days.

So, we're packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

I'll keep you posted.

Love to you all out there! Hope your day is normal. If it isn't, I hope it gets normal very soon.


(Hey, Indiana Miller Family! Of course we remember you. I can't believe that Alex got a pacemaker too. That's interesting - kind of cool, actually, that they have so much in common. Maybe they'll meet again and hang out with each other sometime - sounds like they have a lot to talk about! It's good to hear from you again. Angie)


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