Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Out of Rhythm Again

Good morning, everybody. Bailey's been doing really great this week - she's lost 8 pounds of fluid and has more energy then I've seen in months. Last night, her orchestra performed on the concourse at the Pacer's game at Conseco Fieldhouse and sometime during that evening, her heart went out of rhythm. She had taken her afternoon lasix dose and had to "run" to the bathroom. She said she felt really good running (the pacemaker kicked her heart rate up to where it was supposed to be), but her heart started jumping around and didn't stop. That happened before the evening started. The school buses had just arrived at Conseco. I didn't even know about it until after their performance right before the game was to start. She was a little scared, although feeling really good still, so we decided to go home and check things out. Tom stayed at the game with Josie and Marissa. So, we called our own special nurse, Debbie (actually, I'm quite positive she has other patients besides us, but she makes us feel like we're the only one - she's wonderful!). We're going in today to see if they can use the pacemaker to correct her rhythm. That's the plan - trying to avoid cardioversion. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Last night, we had the distinct pleasure of visiting with Donnie Walsh again. What a wonderful man. He's so sweet to take time out of his evening to sit down and talk with us. He visited with us 2 years ago when Bailey's team of doctors took her to the Pacer's game while on the Berlin Heart. Mr. Walsh played an integral part, financially, in getting Bailey's Berlin over here, so it meant a lot to him that he could actually meet a family that he has helped. And, boy, did he help! Without the Berlin, who knows where we'd be today. He was so happy to see her so healthy and unattached to the Berlin. What a great night, and what a special man. It was so special to be able to thank him again for his part in keeping our family whole. Thank you, Mr. Walsh!

Below are some pictures I thought you might enjoy.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and I'll report later on our visit at Riley today.


Miss Lanigan hands over the baton to Bowser who tries his best to lead the orchestra - pretty nice job, Bowser! Especially liked the hip wiggles!

Bailey and Paisley - 2 peas in a pod!

Bailey and Aunt Cindy - she accompanied (piano) Bailey's violin solo and helped her win a gold!

The neighbor kids having a blast in the snow - Marissa was having a blast too, I promise! (L-R: Josie, Marissa, Makayla, Matthew and Corey)

Rissy wins grand prize with her 100-day poster -- 100 cupcake papers.

Bailey and Donnie Walsh before the Pacer's game v. Suns.


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