Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cardioversion Tomorrow

Dr. Darragh tried his hardest to pace Bailey's heart back in to rhythm (by making special adjustments to her pacemaker), but it just wouldn't cooperate. The worst part is that she had to have a lovenox shot before we left the hospital and has to have another one in the morning before they do her cardioversion around 10:30. Bailey's looking over my shoulder as I type this and she said, "Lovenox! Yuck!! See that word "love" in there? That should be something else. They should spell it with a "l-u-v". So, we've decided the name should be changed to "Hatenox". Lovenox is a shot that keeps her blood thin to avoid clotting while her heart is out of rhythm. I've never had one, but she says it burns really bad when the medicine goes in. She says it feels like someone is pinching her and not letting go for about 10 minutes. I agree. It should be "Hatenox".

Have a good night everyone!



Anonymous Danny S. said...

I pray that baileys cardioversion goes well today. What exactly does that entail? My cousin had a cardiograph when I was there in January with her, and thats when things started getting even worse for her. So, the question is, is the cardioverion similar to the cardiograph?

11:13 AM  

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