Sunday, March 11, 2007

We're Home!

Cardioversion went well . . . and quick again. Yeah! That IV medicine they tried didn't get her rhythm fixed but it did make a difference toward the positive, so they're talking about adding that to her medicine schedule. But it lowers the blood pressure -- in fact, it got down to 70/40 last night -- so they'll have to adjust some of her other medications so her blood pressure won't drop that low again. They're working hard at trying to get the right combination to keep Bailey in rhythm. They'll find it. It just might take some more "tune-ups" at Riley before they find it. But they'll find it.

Now that we're home, gotta get laundry done! And I have one less hour to do it! Yikes!!

One of Bailey's nurses (without mentioning names . . . Amanda Kunzer) set her clock back instead of forward last night. She thought it was so sweet of the Heart Center to be calling her at 5:00 in the morning to make sure she got up. But they weren't calling for that - they were calling to tell her it was 7:00 and not 5:00 and to get to work! Ha!! We had fun with that one today. We concluded that just made her sharper than everyone else there today because she got an extra hour of sleep. Ha! Love you Amanda! And I really do love your haircut - cute! Hope to see all you nurses again, but not anytime real soon. :)

Love to you all out there!


Anonymous Danny said...

I'm sorry to hear that Bailey had more issues with her heart. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but it is possible that hte base from the orchastra could be whats effecting her, NOT her violen, but the bass. I have heard that Loud music can posssibly effect ones heart rythem. I hate saying that cause I'm sure its something bailey loves.

I'm in ks. and although it was raining all day, Still it was a beautiful day... I'm glad for spring/summer, I got stung by a bee tuesday, although it hurt for a moment I laughed due to the pure sign of summer..

I'm not a religous person, but when I look up to the stars I ask the keeper of the stars & the smile of the moon & sun to bless those I care about. & when Ever I thank of Katie (my cousin) you're family & bailey are on my mind next to kat.

1:48 AM  

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