Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where'd Spring Go?

Had a nice weekend . . . but, boy! it's cold out there. I liked last weekend better. But had a good time at home with my girls. Tom worked, so didn't see him much. Did some "camp" shopping with Josie. Josie's going to 4th grade camp this Wednesday, and I'm signed up to go as chaperone. (Back in January when I signed up, I thought we'd be home by now.) I talked to the teacher organizing the trip and he said I could go ahead and plan to go but if I couldn't go even if it was last-minute (i.e., Bailey gets a heart), I can just call him and back out of the trip. I was glad my attending could be so wishy-washy, because I really want to go with Josie since I haven't been able to spend much time with her since January. So! This will be a good week - - either I get to go to camp with Josie for a few days and have some fun, or Bailey will get a heart which will be awesome! I'm all packed and ready to go with Josie. I'll leave the hospital Wednesday morning and return around noon on Friday . . . unless we get an emergency call while there that Bailey's getting a heart. Then, of course, we'll cut the trip short.

Marissa's spending the night with us again tonight. She has a good time doing little tasks for the nurses. She's such a good little helper! She visited Colin with me - - donning mask and gloves since he's still in strict isolation. He and Bailey still can't visit. But he said if he gets discharged tomorrow, he's going to hang out with Bailey for a while before he leaves. He's such a thoughtful kid.

Bailey had to get a heprin shot again yesterday. That's the shot that hurts pretty bad. They're still having trouble getting her blood to be as consistently thin as they want. But if that's all they're working on at the moment, I think things are pretty good! Right now, she's taking a nap. Must have been worn out today. She didn't get any homework done over the weekend, so we'll be doing that about midnight tonight, I presume.

Have a good week, everyone! Talk to you tomorrow.



Blogger Lara said...

Hi Angie and Bailey!

Glad you had a good weekend at home! If it makes you feel any better, we're supposed to get snow on Monday! I'm really ready for spring to be here stay. It was beautiful yesterday but cold today. Josie's camp sounds really fun - hope it works out either way!!!

Have a good week!


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