Thursday, March 17, 2005

This Computer Is Nuts!

I was just in the middle of posting a message when my entry just disappeared. So, I'll try it again:

Today was a good day. Bailey is making good progress in her school work. We finished Bailey's lab and, no, there were no explosions. Everyone on the Heart Center is safe!

Bailey has been getting 3 shots a week of epogen (to boost her blood count) and it's horrible - she hates those. And it's always such a big ordeal. So, when Dr. T popped in today, Bailey cornered him and asked if there was any other form that she could get that medication, like a pill or I.V. After a long discussion between the two of them (and it was so funny - it was like listening to a negotiation between 2 business people), he "agreed " that she only needed to have 1 shot a week. Bailey was so excited! But then Dr. T became concerned about the loss of money she (and he, since he has talked himself into getting a cut!) would incur from her dad since, as part of his plan to help her through taking the nasty medicine by paying her, she was getting $2 per shot. Dr. T came up with a solution - "Ok. Let's just go down to once a week and not tell your dad." Bailey, of course, agreed. Haha!!

Did you guys see the news? The poor little Afghanistan boy, Qudrat, can't go home for a while because he and his dad and the interpreter were exposed to chicken pox yesterday. They were all 3 given vaccines which should make it not as bad if they get it, but they are not allowed to leave the country until the incubation period is over or they are over the illness, if they get it. That's too bad. But at least they got to move to the Ronald McDonald house today. We'll miss him around here. He is so cute and personable.

Bailey's waiting to check her email, so I'd better get off of here. She has given me 15 minutes, and they are up.

Hope all is well with everyone out there!

Love, Angie


Blogger Annette said...

This blog site is acting crazy tonight! It took me 4 trys to be able to leave a note!

Sounds like you've got some excitement down there. Let's see - who's smarter - Bailey or Dr. T? You talked him into giving you fewer injections - hmmmm.......
No contest, huh Bailey - you're one smart girl! I hated having shots - I wish I knew your tricks when I was a girl!

Well, you two take care and Bailey - don't blow up the hospital until AFTER you get your new heart (ha ha)!!!!


10:36 PM  
Blogger Sue Figert Meyer said...

Angie & Bailey,
Sound like Bailey is in training to be a lawyer!! When Bailey is done at Riley, she can come on over to R & L and help us out.
Keep up the faith. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail. Sue

11:15 PM  

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