Sunday, October 07, 2007

Way to go, Colts!

Well, we couldn't make it to the game, but we watched on TV. Great game! They made it look easy. We got ahold of the coin toss people to let them know Bailey was in the hospital, and they were very nice. I didn't expect them to be upset at all, but I thought I might detect some hint of inconvenience . . . but not at all. They were just concerned about Bailey and told us not to worry at all about not being able to make it. In fact, they said they should be able to re-schedule her for another game. Marissa and Josie were a little disappointed too, but we are all part of Bailey's family and that means we all share in the sacrifices. They were troopers. Bailey has the best sisters in the world. They are also mature beyond their years. The difficulty about Bailey's health the last several months is that we don't know where we'll be from one day to the next. We can plan things -- and do plan things in an effort to think positively -- but that also opens the door for disappointment when the things you plan don't always happen. But on the flip side, some events do happen as planned so it all seems to balance out. Marissa is having a sleepover for her 8th birthday this Friday night. We're hoping to be home by then!

Well, Bailey came to track me down. I guess she's bored. She's seen too many episodes in the "Law & Order" marathon today.

Have a good one, everybody!

See you soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey-

We hope you are all doing better.
Hope to see you soon!

Chins Up!!!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Danny R. S. said...

There's only so much L&O a person can watch. LOL..... I know from experience as well. though I'm looking foward to the new L&O SVU series... I did see hte nightline on tv, but was able to see part of it on there website. It was good...

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Riley said...


I missed not seeing you at R&L today. Thanks for getting a heart walk shirt for me. That was so sweet of you! I cannot believe little Rissy is 8! I hope you are home in time for the sleep over. I'm glad Bailey is feeling better. Take care.


9:12 PM  

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