Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Distemper Shot

Today was a lot of fun. We played a whole bunch and didn't really get much homework done, but I think it's ok to have a day like that. Bailey's weight was down .1 pound. They're not too concerned about not losing more because she's still peeing quite a bit. I'm wondering if a lot of it is because her appetite is back up. She actually gets hungry again. We don't know. They're continuing to keep close track of things. They turned off the milrinone today, so she's off all I.V. medication. That's so nice, because we can just get up and go now. We took two walks downstairs today to the library, the cafeteria, the gift shop, etc. We were looking through the library windows at a beautiful dark pink shrub in the courtyard (it looked like maybe a rose bush, not sure) and noticed a giant spider hanging from a web right on the other side of the window. Startled us pretty good, but Bailey's still in rhythm! I think I fell out for a few minutes, though. I'm good now, thanks.

Dr. T popped in to check on Bailey today. Boy, they razzed each other. Dr. T ended up "ordering" a 2.5cc distemper shot for her. Ha!

Our entire medical team, with the exception of Dr. D, was in our room today sharing their talents in origami and paper airplane construction. The competition extended out into the hallway where one airplane crashed into the ceiling; one crashed into a pole; and one landed in a trash can. Happy to report no eyes were poked out. The most impressive "work of art" would have to be Dr. Bramlett's stealth airplane; and the saddest "work of art" would have to be Dr. Weissbluth's camera. Don't worry . . . I took pictures! Ha!

Saw a really good movie today - "October Sky". It was really good! About 4 teenagers from a poor mining town in West Virginia who taught themselves how to build rockets. It's based on the true story about Homer Hickam, who went on to train astronauts at NASA. I highly recommend it.

Tom had a scare this morning. Marissa woke up about 5:30 and came running into our bedroom crying and panicky saying she couldn't breathe. Sure enough, Tom took her to see Dr. Vik today and she has croup. Marissa is very intelligent. I asked her on the phone today about her visit to the doctor, and she said, "Yeah, Dr. Vik explained to me that I have croup and at night my throat got smaller so it was really hard for me to breathe. But she gave me some medicine for 2 days to help my throat not get smaller. But if it does, I have to go see Daddy again and tell him, but I won't be scared because I know what it feels like now." Doesn't that just bring tears to your eyes? It did mine. I miss being home so much. Can't wait to get back, but I am perfectly fine here while Bailey continues her recovery. But now Marissa can't come see us here at the hospital for the rest of the week. It's a sacrifice for the whole family, but we'll make it.

Dave, our night nurse, is with us tonight! We haven't seen him in months! He said he's worked 4 days in September, but it must have been the only 4 days that we haven't been here! It's good to see him. We missed him.

Thank you, Dee and Mark, for helping us out tomorrow night. You're the best! And hope to see you soon!



Blogger carmelapples said...

Hey, let us know if we can help with Rissy. I can come and play with her while the family comes to the hospital if that would help. I love spending time with her. So just let us know how we can help.

Poor thing...I bet that was scary.

Love you, Deb

8:52 AM  

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