Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Enjoy the Pics!

Bailey and nurse Amanda beading.

Bailey barricades herself in the bathroom after she begins the water fight.

Dr. T takes a nurse hostage and escapes down the back stairway.

Dr. Weissbluth brings Bailey origami paper and shows a little of his talent

Bailey and the shrinky-dinks.

Dr. Barkimer and "Dr. Matt" and the shrinky-dinks.

Nurse Angie, Scott and Nancy and the shrinky-dinks!

We DID get to see a sunset!

"Dr. Matt" shows "Dr. Peter" the lost art of gluing your palm.

Bailey's shrinky-dink gift to Pappa Tom.

Bailey takes her I.V. pole for a walk.

Bailey gets the "P" award!!

Dr. Bramlett begins the origami competition . . .

Dr. Barkimer and Dr. Weissbluth take to the challenge . . .

. . . and "Dr. Peter" and "Dr. Matt" give it a shot.

Dr. Bramlett shows Bailey how to make a dollar bill bow tie.

Ok. This is "Dr. Matt's" origami flower. Hm.

And this is Dr. Weissbluth's camera. I'm not seein' it.

Bailey's weapons are ready for Dr. T.

Dr. Ebenroth shows off his ability to juggle hospital tape to help Bailey complete her scavenger hunt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so "jealous" !!! I'm going to ask Santa for a shrinky-dink all my own...............

Love & Hugs, CAROL

P.S. Keep on keep on, and you know what I mean.

12:54 PM  

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