Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home and Well

Boy, it's nice to be home. Bailey's feeling well. Still not back to her old self physically, but seems to be well on her way. She's down 1.5 pounds this morning. Yeah! Slow and steady. That's just fine.

I was in the middle of painting our fireplace when Bailey went out of rhythm last time. I put the paint brush down when Bailey said, "Ah-oh. My heart rate is 109." Then a 10-day interruption for a hospital stay, and I got to finish today. Did the laundry, grocery shopping . . . and slept in. That was the best part. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed. Bailey slept well too . . . except for when she woke up around midnight choking on her spit! That was fun. I was so disoriented, I remember jumping out of bed and asking her if she needed a drink. She said yes, but I just stood there with my arms out and couldn't figure out where to find a glass! We were a mess. I think I was looking for a nurse's button. Ha!

It was so pretty out today. I'm glad I stayed home today. We had lunch on the back porch under our umbrella. So pretty! Planning on returning to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep in touch!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So WONDERFUL to hear about a sunny, uneventful day (although the 1.5 lbs is HUGE)! We really look forward to seeing Angie at work, we've missed you! Take it easy, Bailey.
Love, Diane

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey and Angie -

So glad you are home. MaKayla
was glad to see everyone home.
She was excited Josie could go the
the FC game. You keep unplugging away!! HA! See you soon.


9:58 AM  
Blogger Grandma Carol said...

Hi, Bailey & Angie! So tonight is the big night! You have to be so excited, you "little celeb" you! Everyone at work is so excited for you and they are really looking forward to Nightline! So glad you are feeling so much better! It's wonderful knowing that you are home and everything is still in rhythm. Love you, Bailey, and as soon as PaPa gets home and feeling better -- you and I have a date, ok? You and Josie are long overdue and I miss the fun we have together! Well, I'd better let you go so you can get all fixed up for "the big night." Love you bunches!

5:07 PM  

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