Friday, September 21, 2007

Down Another 3 Pounds!

We're still peeing! Such a good day. Bailey is down 6 pounds. She peed off 4.5 litres yesterday, and is steady on that course again today. Woo-hoo!! And! Better yet, the kidney doctors came in this morning and said her kidneys are doing remarkably better. Her numbers aren't quite her normal, but they are headed quickly in that direction. AND! Our resident, Dr. Barkimer, came in today and delivered the news that radiology and the renal people conferred with each other and agree that what the renal guy saw yesterday as calcium deposits are not, after all, calcium deposits. YEAH!!!! Isn't that incredible? We've been dancing on cloud 9 all afternoon. And Bailey is feeling so much better. She hasn't even taken a nap today. She took her first walk and went all the way down to the cafeteria. She hasn't walked that far in weeks. I just can't tell you how good this feels. She's not below 100 pounds yet, but well on her way. Many, many prayers of thanksgiving were said today.

We've had a fun day today with shrinky dinks. The rounding cardiologist switched today, and Dr. Ebenroth came in with our group of medical people for morning rounds. He and Bailey were exchanging stories about shrinky dinks and his experience with nearly blowing his hand up as a kid. I'm not quite sure how one related to the other and it sounds pretty horrific, actually, but somehow we all ended up laughing quite a bit. Sometimes the sense of humor takes a turn for the worse around here. Ha! But maybe that's necessary to get through the roller coaster ride.

Didn't do much homework today, because she's finished all she has so far. Still waiting on her first algebra homework. So we spent about 6 hours of the day on shrinky dinks. She had me working on them too. It was quite fun. They really are great entertainment. You all with kids out there should think about these for Christmas gifts. (Adult supervision required, of course, while using the oven.) We even colored a full sheet of paper and shrunk that down. It did end up slightly stinking up our room with a burning plastic smell, so we won't be doing that anymore. But the end result was still cool!

Riss and Josie came to spend the night with us tonight. So good to give them hugs. We miss them so much. Don't know when we'll be going home. Maybe 2 or 3 or 4 days? Time will tell. We told Dr. D that we weren't in any hurry - we just want Bailey feeling good again. He's still confident he can pull her out of this - that this is all due to the amiodarone that sent her into a downward spiral. Again, time will tell.

Our med student, "Dr. Matt", is taking the weekend off. He's worked 12 days in a row, and now gets a well-deserved weekend off. Dr. D deserted us this weekend for a Kentucky horse farm. You know how I feel about our medical staff deserting us! And Dr. Bramlet has been in St. Louis, I believe, for a medical conference but will be returning tomorrow. We've missed him - although he hasn't been gone long (just since noon yesterday). But Dr. Ebenroth, Dr. Barkimer, and Dr. Matt have taken good care of us. And, of course, the nurses are all gold-star!

I just pray that this positive upswing continues with great force. Hey, Dee and Mark! Maybe you'll see my blue van again someday soon! Miss you guys! Give the kids a hug.

Good night everybody!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to "go" Bailey!!! HaHa!! I'm sooo glad you're feeling better!! Love you!

Billie :o)

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey-

We are so thankful that Bailey is
improving by every "Pee" aka -
"minute" HA, HA !!!! We continue to pray that blessings keep coming your way. I think
Shrinky-Dinks are on order!!!!
I'll just do all my Christmas shopping with Bailey & Angie Online, Hey now that's a thought!!
We miss you & love you guys. Can't wait to do the Blue Van Dance!!!

Peace & Blessings-

Mark,Dee & Kids

7:43 AM  

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