Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holding Steady

Today was pretty much the same, I think. Bailey's feeling really good, mentally. Her belly is still causing her problems -- difficult to walk, can't eat much, gets out of breath easy, etc. She hasn't lost any weight yet. If she did lose that 1/2 pound yesterday, she gained it back. We're still sleeping downstairs in the living room because she can't make it upstairs without a struggle. She called me this afternoon at work and asked me to listen to her heart when I got home because she thought she might be out of rhythm. So, that led to a wonderful drive home -- nausea, lightheadedness, and my own heart palpatating a bit. But I walked through the front door and she said with a smile, "You don't have to check me, Mom. I'm still in rhythm. I was just having some double beats." What a relief. Every 24 hours in sinus rhythm is a HUGE victory for us.

Bailey even helped me cook dinner tonight. She had to sit down to do it, but at least she was up to helping me out. And she's even done some homework today. I do believe that if we could just get rid of her belly, we'd be doing really, really good.

Looking forward to the Heart Walk on Saturday. If, by chance, there is anyone out there feeling compelled to help, you can always visit this website to donate on-line. Just click on a team member's name, and it will walk you through the donation:

Also, got some info on the documentary viewing dates and times for the Heartland Film Festival . You can follow this link for that info:

And I will keep you posted on the TV date and time.

Good night!


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