Friday, August 17, 2007

Successful Cardioversion

Cardioversion was successful today. Bailey's feeling much better and enj0ying "High School Musical 2". They bumped her pacemaker rate up to 90 beats per minute, which is as high as they will go. They say they've known some patients whose "magic number" is 90. Maybe it will be Bailey's too. They're having a "pow-wow" next week to discuss other options to keep her from going out of rhythm. I hope they come up with something. She is such an incredibly strong young lady. Her spirit is always an inspiration to me - it helps get me through my less stellar days.

I just love all 3 of my girls. They are all enjoying their new school year - they love their teachers and their classes. Marissa's teacher called me tonight to tell me how she is such a sweetheart and she's really looking forward to having her in her class this year. We talked for a while . . . such a sweet lady. And Marissa really likes her. Riss is having a friend sleep over tonight for the first time ever! She was SO excited! I was afraid the hospital might flip our plans upside down today, but we were home by 6:00, so all went as planned. Bailey had Paisley over, and Josie has 3 friends over. They're all sitting in the living room right now with all 8 pairs of eyes glued to the TV. Tom's in Fort Wayne on a golf trip with his friends, so it's a girls night!

Well, I'm gonna go eat a Twinkie. They have always been my weakness . . . those and Mountain Dew. I'm drinking Diet Pepsi at the moment, so that gives me "room" for a Twinkie.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! The weather here in Indy is supposed to be gorgeous and much cooler than the last several weeks of the 90's. I just might be able to get out and work in my yard!

Love to all,


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You and yours are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith!

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