Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cardioversions #11 and #12

My computer's been down, so I haven't been able to post until tonight. Cardioversion #11 took place earlier this week on Monday, the day before school started. Bailey got 3 days of school in, and she's out of rhythm tonight. She's been swelling in her belly the last 2 weeks. It's starting to look like she goes out of rhythm shortly after the swelling occurs. I don't know. Just grasping for straws trying to find some pattern to this all. She's feeling good, it just scares her when she swells -- Tuesday evening she gained 3 pounds just that afternoon and evening. It is scary stuff. Dr. D is still thinking it's medication. He thinks her blood pressure was too low, so he cut back on her BP medication. (Her BP was low 60's/40's.) Her white count was down last weekend and blood work was showing that her kidneys weren't working perfectly. That was before the BP med change, so hopefully things are on the upswing again. Trying not to cross that line from worry to panick. They keep telling us that they're not concerned and it's just tweeking medicines. We've been hearing that for about 9 months now and sometimes I find myself allowing not-so-good thoughts to creep in. I start praying and they go away for the most part.

Tom's out of town on a golf trip and the girls have all invited friends over to watch High School Musical 2 tomorrow (Fri.) night. We're hoping that Bailey feels good enough to go to school in the morning (she just can't eat breakfast or lunch because we have to be ready to go when they call us and are ready for us) and hoping we can squeeze in a cardioversion after school but before H.S. Musical. That's not asking too much, is it? I think they should consider building us a drive-through cardioversion. My vacation days for the year are long gone, and now that school has started up again . . . that might just be the answer.

I'm tired. I have to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings. Please pray for Bailey.

Good night everybody!



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