Monday, August 27, 2007

Air Show and Cardioversion #13

Bailey was invited to share her story at the Mt. Comfort Air Show this weekend, and she did a great job! She only had 2 minutes to talk, so they suggested she write it down on paper so she wouldn't go over, as the air show ran on a very tight schedule. She did really good! You would have been proud. She climbed up to the top of the announcer's tower and they paused in the middle of the show to hear her story. She started to get really nervous when we climbed up there and actually saw the sea of people in every direction. Really incredible how many people were there. But she did a great job!

God was definitely looking after us yesterday. Bailey wasn't feeling very well - she's accumulating fluid around her belly again - so we were very grateful that every time we turned around there was a golf cart waiting to give us a ride. So we hardly had to walk at all and Bailey was appreciate of that. The foundation got us in to the Blue Angels tent for shade, food and drink -- that was very refreshing. We had a great time hanging out with Dr. T. He knows a lot about planes! I already knew that, but he was pointing things and people out to us that was really pretty impressive. Unfortunately, Bailey wasn't feeling well enough to stick it out for the whole show, and Josie wasn't feeling too good herself, so we ended up leaving before the Blue Angels few. But! Dr. T told us about the live feed that Ch. 13 had on the internet, so after we got home, we tuned in and saw the Blue Angels on our computer. Very awesome! We really enjoyed listening to the Navy guy (sorry! I'm not knowledgeable at all in titles) narrate their show. He was very entertaining himself. And we got to listen in on the pilots for a little bit. And - they played GREAT music. It really was neat - it was definitely the next best thing to being there live.

Then we got home, and Bailey discovered she was out of rhythm. This time, she didn't know it. Dr. D thinks (and I definitely agree) that she'd been out of rhythm for a few days. She just hasn't been feeling well and the fluid has been increasing pretty rapidly. So, we went in this morning for cardioversion #13. All was successful. And they scheduled a cath for this Friday to see if they can make some decisions on what to do next. They're specifically going to look at her pacemaker and see if they can hook a lead up to her left atrium so that when she goes into flutter, the pacemaker might be able to correct it right away -- maybe even without her knowing anything about it. At least that's my understanding at this point. I'll keep you posted. Bailey's pretty scared - actually has been for a while now. Our minds just start wondering all over the place and it's easy to find ourselves near panick. But our faith keeps us going. She's an incredibly strong and positive little lady, you guys. To see things finally start getting to her makes me a little sad. But together we'll get through this. Hopefully we'll get some answers on Friday.

Please pray for Bailey's cath for us. We're gonna be pretty scared, but trying not to be.

Thank you for hanging in there with us!
Love you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey & Angie:

I appreciate the blogspot so much. I check it quite often and don't know whether to be glad or said when there's nothing new. I guess no news is good news in this case. The blog makes me feel close to you two and not an ol' retired secretary out of the loop. Love and prayers.


10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey and Angie: We love you both, and so do all the fine people at Riley. I know they will give you their very best, and that's about the best there is. Bailey has become so dear to so many people at Riley, that I just have to trust that they will see her through this. I just hope they can give you both comfort and confidence for the future, and take away the fear. Love and prayers always. Your friend, Diane

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Riley said...

Angie and Bailey,

I am thinking about you and praying for you both. Angie, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. And I know you know this, but I am going to write it here anyhow. The One who has loved Bailey since before the beginning of time has got this situation completely under control. I love you, and I am praying for you.



8:25 PM  

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