Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some Pictures of Berlin and Dresden!

Dinner with Klaus and his wife, Susie - we had weinerschnitzel (sp?)!!

Dinner with Susie, Klaus, Julia and Bob

She's in the newspaper!

The Royal Palace in Dresden.

The Opera House in Dresden.

Our tour of Berlin Heart - awesome! Took my breath away.

Part of the amazing production team.

The first Berlin Heart. 1973.

Bob (the American coordinator), Johannes (the founder), and Klaus.

Peter (a heart surgeon) and Bailey.

Bailey presents her quilt to Rolf (the CEO) and Klaus.

Klaus explains the "clean room" where they make the sterile equipment.

Impressive to watch them work!

A Berlin Heart ready to be shipped off.

Looks familiar, doesn't it?!

I discover gluwein - a hot wine with holiday spices. Yum!

Cajetan and Bailey at a Christmas Market in Berlin.

We try roasted chestnuts for the first time ever! Yum!

A Christmas Market in Berlin.

Dinner with Cajetan at Apostle 12 - a pizza place. Yum!

Our English-speaking tour group (Church of Our Lady, background) in Dresden.

Across the street from our hotel in Berlin. Beautiful.

Our Hotel - the Hilton.

Gingerbread house in the lobby.

Bailey finds "the best hot chocolate in the world"!

Bailey and I in the look-out deck of the TV antenna, Fernsehturm. Way up there!


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