Friday, May 20, 2005

A Thousand Paper Cranes

Wow. Did you guys see the Pacers-Detroit game tonight? Reggie Miller is done. That was really moving at the end of the game. Bailey got to meet Reggie the day before Christmas Eve when we met with the doctors here at Riley to discuss the plan for Bailey. The whole team came here to visit the patients. Bailey got to walk around with Reggie and he held her hand the whole time. He talked to her about school and just really made her feel special. Thank you, Reggie, for taking the time to visit the kids here at Riley, for taking care of Bailey during your visit here, and for entertaining Indiana for the past 18 years. You will be missed.

We had lots of visitors today. Thank you to each and every one of you for taking some time out of your schedule to visit with us. You made the day fly by. One special visitor was Bailey's art teacher from school, Miss Mayes. Bailey's 7th grade art class at school was very busy working on their latest project -- they made 1,000 paper cranes, all different bright beautiful colors -- and Miss Mayes brought them in today and hung them all from Bailey's ceiling while I distracted her by taking her out of the room for a while. There is a Japanese legend that when 1,000 cranes are given to someone sick, good health will follow. Bailey and I were so touched by the efforts of her class at school. Each art class had their picture taken and signed a card for Bailey. It was so nice to see all their faces and good wishes specially for Bailey. Kids, thank you SO MUCH for giving Bailey the gift of 1,000 paper cranes. I wish I could give each of you a hug, but please know that you touched our hearts today. Have a great last week of school and a wonderful summer. Bailey will see you in 8th grade!
Marissa gets to spend the night with us tonight. I'm a little lonely, though - both she and Bailey are asleep already! What's up with that?

Dr. T's out of town, so I don't have any store about him today. He's somewhere in Texas participating in a clinical trial of some sort. And, Uncle Harlan, when he returns, I'll be sure and tell him that you have flown an old Bonanza V-Tail. (Did I get that right?) He'll be impressed! Can't wait to see you in June.

Have a good one, everybody!

Love to all, Angie


Blogger Lori said...

Hi Angie and Bailey!

Not much exciting going on right now. Just want to let you both know that I am thinking about you.
Have a great weekend.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Bailey and Angie - have a good weekend! Still thinking of you and miss you!!!!

Annette :)

10:41 PM  

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