Friday, May 13, 2005

A Bit More Freedom to Move Around

Wow! Dr. T gave us permission to move about the hospital without a nurse escort. That means we can just pick up and go wherever we want, as long as the nurse knows where we're going. We have to take a phone and the Heart Center number with us, in case we would need it. We had to be trained on the hand-pump for safety reasons, but I've seen all the other nurses get trained on it, so I already knew anyway. It's been fun! Bailey and I found a jigsaw puzzle on the two computers in the parent lounge, and we've been racing to put them together. That's been fun too!

Even though Dr. T told us yesterday that we could go places by ourselves without a nurse, the nurses couldn't let us do that yet because they didn't have a written order from him. So he popped in early this afternoon and we asked him for an order. He asked if I knew how to work the pump and I said yes, that they officially showed me last night. He then asked if I hooked it up and practiced! (That, of course, means that we unhook her hose from the Berlin Heart computer and manually pumped the machine!) I looked at him like he was crazy, and said "No! No one else has done that! And I would rather not!" Then I was asking him, if all you have to do is pull the hose straight out, how does it stay in there? He responds with, "I don't know. I don't know how to work it." I gave him so much grief. I said, "So I've had a false sense of security in you for the last 3 months?!" He just laughed at me. Then he discovered the dark chocolate peanut M&M's that Vickie brought earlier today - and he stands there sucking those down. (Thank you, Vickie. You made his day!) He came up after a very complicated surgery and he must have needed the sugar.

They had a party in the atrium this afternoon to welcome spring. Bailey made a lamb out of cotton balls. It's so cute!

Josie and Marissa are coming over tomorrow night for a slumber party. Marissa's coming in the morning to spend the day, and Josie's coming over later. That will be a fun girly time!

Bailey is getting her PIC line stitches fixed tomorrow. Hopefully that won't be any big deal, but she's a little nervous. You might say an extra prayer for her.

I think that just about covers today. Not as action-packed as yesterday, but we've been having fun moving about by ourselves.

Hope everyone's been having a good week. I'll check in again tomorrow.



Blogger Nancy DeCamp said...

I'm so grateful for your consistency in keeping us all up to date, Angie. Bailey I bet you are counting the days until you are done with school! I know my girls are! The girls are excited you get to meet Patrick (me too! - I'm sure your parent's need a break memorial day weekend, perhaps I should stay with you Bailey! ha) but I thought it was cool that although they were happy for you, they said they would rather Bailey have a new heart. Then Angela said she would be happy to introduce you to Patrick when she is a famous Actress! Enough star gazing! I hope you have a great day! We love you so very, very much!
PS - Hey Vicki - Where are you getting the dark chocolate m&ms? I've been looking everywhere. . .

8:05 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Hi girls!

So...You say Dr. T might be reading this now...huh...well...imagine that...if you are, Dr. T,...we think the world of you! We think that you are one of the most intelligent men we have ever met. Even so, you have a gift from God that is even more valuable than your ability to perform surgery and administer modern LOVE your patients.
You have a special way with Bailey that has made one of the most difficult periods in her life much more than simply bearable...but even memorable. You make her laugh. You make her forget that her other alternative would be to give in to anxiety and negativity. Your pestering keeps her creative mind at work! I must say, I think you're a match for her ornariness! (The blogpage wouldn't be half as entertaining without your antics in it!) Your concern keeps her secure in your keeping. We are so grateful for your talent, your expertise, your knowledge, your experience, your insight...but mostly for your love, your sense of humor, and your genuine concern for Bailey and our family.'re not God...but you're an awesome Wing Man! :)

Now...having said all that...can you speed things up a bit? (just kidding...okay...well...not really).

Girlies - If he doesn't read this...make at least a hundred copies and paste them up all over your room! It's time to get creative here! ha ha Oh, man, I love you guys. You put laughter, love, constant prayer, and good thoughts in my day. All that together adds up to make a pretty good life I'd say. I'm grateful.

So what are you girls up to today? Skydiving? Getting shot out of a cannon? A quick lesson in lion taming? Man! I could use a little of your action. I think you BOTH might end up with some sort of medical degree before you leave. That sounds so exciting! So the tram wasn't too bad, huh? Did you raise your arms above your head and scream when the track dipped a little? I can see it now!

I would like to put in my order for a "sunglasses" chain. How much would you charge me? I'll have to bring you the little rubber loops that go at each end. Could you do that for me? I picked you up a little something at Michaels yesterday. I'll try to remember to bring it next Thursday. I had to restrain myself from buying you the whole aisle of beads! You know, it's not easy being an aunt that's prone to spoiling children! People can be mean! You should've seen the look on the clerk's face when I asked her "How much for the whole aisle?" : )

Well, I'd love to stay and chat with you two all day. But that would be a fairly one-sided conversation and my computer doesn't tend to talk back much. I've trained it well! Love you much. I'm praying that whatever comes your way today will be quite special...xoxoxoxooxo Muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

Love, Aunt Debbie

8:26 AM  
Blogger Barb Godshall said...

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10:09 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Woosy?? Is that some kind of animal?

Glad to hear you two have some more flexibility to leave the room. I'm sure I would have gone stir crazy by now, so I definintely admire your perseverance. It sounds like you have come up with a wide variety of ways to entertain yourselves.

By the way, I may be over at the med school's library in the next week or so to do some research on a case I have. I'm sure you have plenty of visitors, but I would be happy to stop by and say hi. No problem if it isn't convenient--just thought I would throw that out there since I'll be in the neighborhood. Buzz me at work if you want to discuss--636-8000.

Take care.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Barb Godshall said...

Hello Angie and Bailey,
I tried to post a message earlier and pressed the wrong button along the way...oops. So glad Dr. T came through on the tram ride....I was going to suggest a fair alternative like a ride in a stretch hummer limo and perhaps a whirl around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! (The mind is a dangerous thing!) Hope the new freedom to travel around Riley is a welcomed break.......Aunt Debbie's post would be a good tribute to the power of God and Dr. T.....maybe a book chapter in your soon to be written book....:->....Have an awesome day!

3:30 PM  
Blogger ceci goodman said...

Dear Angie and Bailey,

We have been in our new home, Bozeman, Montana since last August. It is beautiful here - but it snowed last week!!! I have only just gotten the news about your heart, Bailey. You may not remember us, but we know you and we know your mom. You are now offically on our prayer list!! I am so inspired by how brave and how patient (no pun intended) you are with God's plans.

Our love to you and your family,
Ceci Goodman

5:46 PM  
Blogger Aunt Debi said...

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey! Finally I get to come see you again it has been way too long and I miss you. Ryann and I will be there in the morning, YEA!!!!! XOOXOXXOXOXO
Aunt Debi

5:56 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Hey !! I hope the slummer party is going great...

Just checking in, and read what Aunt Debbie had to say..And she said it all..

Thank Dr. T for keeping both Angie and Bailey safe and, speaking for myself I know we all love you for it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Love and prayers,

8:27 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Bailey - your Aunt Debbie really echoes how we all feel! I know how tedious a hospital stay can be, and you sure are creative and open to new things! You really are super!

I've been having major computer problems, so I'm grateful to be able to log on tonight and read about what's going on. I'd like to visit again and bring some goodies for you!

Well, have a good weekend! Glad you can get out of your room and move around!

Annette :)

10:43 PM  

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