Thursday, May 19, 2005

We Get to Meet Nolan

Not much going on today, really, except school. Dr. T came in right before school time and was ready to take Bailey and me on another field trip to Methodist, but we couldn't go since her teacher was coming soon. He couldn't wait until the afternoon because he's going out of town. Yes!! You read correctly. He's leaving us again. Not for as long this time though. He's gone until either Saturday or Sunday - depending on whether he visits some Berlin people in Hershey, PA, for a day before he returns. I told him I was disappointed in his decision. He didn't seem to mind a whole lot. Bailey started badgering him - like normal - and I said, "Be careful what you say to him, Bailey, because when you grow up and start working for him he'll be able to fire you." He rolled his eyes again. I don't think he's liking that idea.

Dr. Cox came in to check on us. She's one of the doctors who took us to the Pacers game. We were talking about how we're going to miss everyone here when we leave - whenever that might be. She assured us that we wouldn't lose touch with everyone here. She said Dr. T's too attached now. Technically, we'll only see him for one surgery follow-up visit after our dischcharge, because we'll be followed closely by her cardiologist, Dr. Darragh. We'll have to keep in touch, because we'll go home and suffer withdrawal from all the excitement around here!

(I don't know what Bailey's doing, but I'm sitting out in the hallway typing this update, and she has rolled herself out of her room and is now hovering behind me. It's only 1/2 hour until bedtime, so she'd better roll herself back in there!)

We got a visit today from Jennifer and her son, Nolan. He's a 4-year old who had a transplant when he was 8 months old. It was nice to talk to her about stuff after transplant. She made me feel better that it won't be quite as overwhelming as I'm probably expecting. She also has 2 other children, so there were similarities there too. She was also pointing out some things in which Nolan had to have special care. Ultimately, though, she said he's a bundle of energy and you would not know by looking at him that he had a transplant. He is such a cutie! (Thank you, Jennifer, for taking the time to meet us and talk with us. We enjoyed our time together. Did Nolan [I'm sorry if I'm misspelling his name] solve the puzzle yet?)

There's an article in this month's Family Circle magazine about a 13 year old girl whose organs were donated and saved the life of 5 people and the vision of 2 people. It was a really neat story. Bailey wanted to read it, and really liked it. If you get a chance, pick it up. It's a good story.

Keith Urban won two awards last night on the ACM's -- BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR, and BEST MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR. (Just wanted to let everyone know that.) Congrats, Keith!!

I hear it's supposed to rain and maybe storm tomorrow. I guess we won't be eating outside in the courtyard, but we'll still enjoy the day! Hope you all do, too.

Talk to you soon,


Blogger Annette said...

Good morning Bailey and Angie! It seems I don't sleep very much any more. Bailey, it's wonderful that this experience is helping you to make decisions about your future - you see that you want a career in the medical field. You do have the unique opportunity to see things from the inside and see first-hand what goes on in the day-to-day workings of a hospital. Just the fact that you want to give back is impressive!

Yeah, today looks like a gray rainy day. I keep thinking that at least WE don't have to water our flowers and grass - God is doing it for us. It makes me feel better.

Well, enjoy the day - we'll wait for another installment of "Bailey and Angie"!!!!

Annette :)

5:40 AM  
Blogger Lecia said...

Hi girls!!!
You won't believe this... and while I was visiting I looked down and there was 'Rissy! She came to me to say hello! Man, I've missed her. So glad all is going well up there for you guys. I read your entries each morning. Ange, have you thought about turning this into a book? Your able to bring us into this experience so well! Have a great day!

6:19 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

Hey Angie, we already knew that Keith Urban was THE BEST, didnt' we?

Hope you girls have a good day - it's going to be 88 degrees here today and beautiful!


9:43 AM  

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