Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Quiet Day

Today was a good day of rest and more of the Food Channel. Bailey LOVES the food channel, which is crazy since most of the time we're here she has orders not to eat or drink anything to prepare for either a cath or cardioversion. We did watch a movie to mix it up a bit though.

Bailey's poor little belly is just so full of fluid. She's gained 5 pounds since we were admitted on Thursday. Dr. D is hopeful that when her new medication gets to a therapeutic level (should happen tomorrow) and she's out of flutter (will hopefully also be tomorrow whether by cardioversion or medication), her heart will start working more efficiently and should start getting rid of the fluid. She is very uncomfortable - can't eat much, can't get comfortable at all so doesn't sleep much. But tonight she stood up and thought her belly might feel a little smaller . . . but wasn't sure if it was just wishful thinking. She gets out of breath easily, too, because of the additional weight. She walked down to the kitchen (only about the length of our house) and she became quite winded. I don't know what we'll be doing about school. She can't go back with this much fluid on her. One day at a time.

Haven't heard anything all day (not that we expected to) about her rhythm strips, so don't know if she's still got stretches of sinus rhythm so, therefore, don't know what the plan is tomorrow. We'll find out on morning rounds.

Things have been crazy on the Heart Center tonight - lots of medical staff members have been rushing in and out of one of the rooms. A sweet little girl about the age of Marissa is having a pretty difficult time right now. I got a big lump in my throat when I saw that she was about Marissa's age. I just immediately thanked God for all our blessings . . . and we do have many!

Hope you're all enjoying your extended weekend. Wish we could be home, but things could be worse. God is looking out for us.

Good night everybody!



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