Friday, June 10, 2005

Another Battery Issue

Josie left for Florida. The tropical storm that's brewing in the Gulf could be hurricane force winds by the time it hits land, which is right where she's headed - but I'm sure Uncle Jim will pull over in Alabama to buy some time. (But it still makes me just a bit nervous.) Josie did a report on an Indiana artist, Nancy Noel, a few weeks ago. Aunt Debbie surprised her this morning by taking Josie to meet her in person! She even got to go to her home and see all the animals on her farm: llamas, dogs, and I don't know what else. She was SO excited! Thank you, Debbie, for giving Josie a special day!

Dr. T took us on a trip to Methodist again today -- the first one since the battery issue. And, believe it or not, we had another battery issue. I was so grateful to have Dr. T with us - of course, we wouldn't have strayed that far without him! He is such an incredibly calming force in the midst of high stress. This time, the problem wasn't because we toured Methodist and ran the battery down; it was decided there was a problem somewhere with the machine - either battery or computer or something. So our profusionists got on the phone with Berlin and they're getting us another machine pretty quickly. Bailey's nervous. She doesn't want to go to sleep because she's afraid it will stop pumping and she won't know it. So the nurses and I have talked to her to reassure her that it won't just stop working and not be noticed. She's doing much better now. Just another day to be especially grateful for Dr. T and his staff.

So, needless to say, we're not leaving Bailey's room until we get another machine. They say it might even come as soon as tomorrow.

Wow, I'm tired. I feel like I've ran a mile. (I know the correct phrase is "ran a marathon", but that's just not realistic. I'd be dead.)

I'm going home in the morning with Marissa. Looking forward to some Rissy time. She's got BIG plans for us -- renting movies and eating popcorn. That's my idea of a perfect evening - especially after today. Haha!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll catch you Sunday evening - or before that, if a heart comes in.

Love, Angie


Blogger Janet Shelton said...

Wow!! Nancy Noel is a wonderful artist. What a special thing for Aunt Debbie to do for Josie. I have one on my kitchen and white dog lying on a quilt. I have purchased a couple of her angel prints which looked like my nieces. She is so talented.
Bailey...I hope the pump issue/battery gets there first thing Saturday moring. You are in my prayers Love Janet S

11:26 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Bailey and Angie.. YIKES! I think Dr. T sounds like your angel in disguise. What a wonderful human, man, friend & doctor he must be. I am praying a new machine comes in QUICK!!! But, I am praying a new heart for Bailey comes in QUICKER!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Patrick and I tried to call you from Texas. He wanted to say hello. It sounds like you could use a little Patrick. Get a good night sleep.

2:35 AM  
Blogger E & H said...

Wow, I didn't know what special people was at Riley until WFMS had their radiothon. I am glad to know that I listen to a station that supports Riley. Bailey...I heard you on the radio and knew with your story that you would touch thousands of peoples hearts, including ours. I donated what I could to help out and I will continue to follow your story. Hope the day comes for you soon that you will be able to be at home with your family! Haleigh (my 4 yr old daughter) has almost went to Riley a few times which is scary, but with what all I have heard from your page about how good everyone is, I won't be as scared. Thank you Bailey for touching our lives. With loving thoughts,
E & H

3:26 PM  

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