Monday, June 06, 2005

An Uneventful Day

It's always good to have an uneventful day here at Riley. However, for some reason, I've been thinking a lot about transplant surgery and how scary that's going to be. It sounds simple that we're just waiting on a transplant, but that, obviously, involves another open heart surgery, possible struggle with rejection, and recovery. Bailey's situation is nothing like they've dealt with before, but it's very easy for me to have all the trust in the doctors here. I know they'll make the decisions they feel are the best for Bailey. That's one good thing about hanging around here for so long -- I get to know everyone on a more personal basis, and I have no doubt that they have Bailey's best interest at heart and will look after her as if she were their own daughter. Maybe there's a feeling I'm getting from Above, or maybe it's just hormones, or maybe it's that they're changing the way they're listing Bailey on the transplant list again (not to require a crossmatch for out-of-state donors), but I'm feeling like I need to be preparing for something . . . I assume transplant surgery. Maybe there's something to it, maybe there's not.

With no more homework, Bailey's spent a lot of time today working on jewelry and filling her backlog of orders. She does such a nice job. I try to help out a bit -- or just play with the beads -- but she does a much better job than I do.

Bailey had kind of a bum day today. She didn't really feel like doing much earlier on in the day. It doesn't happen really very often, so it's OK for her to have a bum day on occasion. She's handling her stay here very well. She still wishes to go home every night, but I'm very proud of her patience and how she makes the most of every opportunity to enjoy our stay here.

Instead of rambling on and on, I should go. I'll see you tomorrow.

Love to all,


Blogger Annette said...

Angie, I'm not sure but I think I had a dream about you and Bailey last night. I think with all the recent excitement Bailey has had - the radiothon, meeting the Colts and possible Miss Americas, she's not used to just a regular day.

I agree with you about the doctors and staff doing their best for Bailey - she has made an indelible impression on all of them (and us too)! They know her very well and care for her deeply. They will do everything in their power to assure you all that the outcome will be the best!

I'm thinking of you both. God is taking care of you and I pray too that Bailey's new heart will arrive any day now!

Love you,

6:14 AM  
Blogger Nancy DeCamp said...

OK - I'm still out here, thinking and praying for you. I would say that an uneventful day is well deserved considering you guys have had a lifetime worth of eventful days since the first of the year! I don't think I told you we are adding a 4 season room and deck onto the house. (Like I don't have enough rooms to keep clean!) Perhaps it will be done in time to have a "welcome home Bailey" party! Wouldn't that be great! I'll start planning it today! I spoke with Becky Holeman in Denver yesterday and she said to pass on her love and prayers. Keep hanging on and I hope to run up tomorrow.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Great Aunt Robin said...

You should have seen us Sunday! The girls and I raced home from church, changed clothes and drove to the bridge by our house that overlooks 465, waiting to see the motorcycles go by. After a few minutes I called a friend of mine from work who's husband
always rides in the motorcycle ride to see if he was in it and which direction they'd be coming from. That was when I found out I was thinking of the wrong motorcycle ride. The one that goes around 465 is "loop for life" or something like that. By this time it was too late to come down to Riley. We were all sorry we missed it but had you all in our thoughts about what a wonderful thing to see and to know just how much you are all loved and admired by not just family.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

Hey all!
Don't worry! Everything will be fine, God knows what he is doing, and what he's going to do!! And soon bailey will have a new heart, and all the problems she had with he heart in the past, wont be there anymore!! So dont worry, God is in COntrol!
love, lindsay

9:26 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...


I enjoyed our talk. I prayed extra long lastnight. When I got up this morning and spent time with God I was asking (again!) why this particularly difficult season has to be...the wait so long, questions that seem to go unanswered...and then I read these words, "Roots grow deep where the wind is strong." I know that God rewards those who trust Him. I know that He is rewarding you with an intimacy in Him that only comes through desperation. I'm learning alot about that myself. You and Bailey have turned up the volume of God's song by the faith that you are displaying in this desperation. I am grateful. I am awed. My faith in God grows every time I hear you laugh or see you smile or hear you talk about enjoying the outdoors when you get to go outside for lunch. Your faith is shining in a way that would not be possible without the pain. Thank you for enduring it with such grace and faith. You are an inspiration...a living testament that hope and surrender can occupy a heart at the same time and create something mysteriously beautiful for all who witness it.

So, Crank up the volume! We're gonna make the most of this dance! I love you!

Deb xoxo

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi!My name is Kelsey. My brother McKenzie had a heart transplant when he was 13 days old down at Riley. The doctors diagnosed him with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.He is now 14 years old and is doing great. I don't remember much about the transplant process b/c I was only 20 months old. But, my parents remember everything.Debbie gave my mom your website and told us to look at it. After reading a few of your entries I felt compelled to write to you. I do hope you read the comments. I know what you're going through is difficult and my family is open to talk if you feel the need to talk to someone who's been through your situation. I pray for Bailey and all the children down at Riley every night. Everything will work itself out. My e-mail address is Tell Bailey to stay strong. Don't hestitate to e-mail...we're more than happy to talk. God bless.


9:39 AM  
Blogger Jan T said...

Hi, Bailey.

I work with your Dad. He brought you the two little birds from a little elderly friend of mine who I told about you. You sent her such a beautiful necklace as a thank you. I saw her yesterday and gave it to her. She was so proud and grateful. She said she would cherish it and put it on right away. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Take care of your Mom. I know she's got to be awfully tired (I know because I'm a Mom, too and when our kids are puney, we don't sleep real well). Have a great day. The prayers continue to be offered for you daily! Jan

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Gordo said...

Bailey and Angie,
You guys both rock! You rock like Jack Black in the movie "School of Rock!" I can't wait to come down and rock the night away with both of you. Your team brings great big smiles to anyone who walks through the door. Thanks for bringing a little bit of happiness to everyone you come in contact with. We know the pain and the waiting are rough, but those are hurdles that can be overcome and will be overcome.
Take Care,
P.S.: When is our next poker night?

9:06 PM  

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