Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trying to Rest

Bailey's doing well - she just can't relax enough to sleep though. They don't want to give her too much sedation for fear something like yesterday will happen again, but they finally gave her some Versed a little while ago, so hopefully she will be able to sleep soon. She is very agitated and hallucinating - very, very tiring for her, and also for us. Scott and I both got naps today, so we're ready for another night. They stopped giving her liquids since she threw up a little this afternoon, but hopefully will try again in the morning. A surgeon came and put her arterial line back in - it was painful for Bailey, but Scott said he did an impressive job and the nurses were commenting that it was the easiest arterial line they've ever seen go in.

So, please pray for Bailey to relax and get some rest tonight. It's really tough to see her uncomfortable.

Love you, Angie.


Blogger Aunt Robin said...

Hi Bailey. I sure am glad things are going better now. I hope everyone there can get some rest. I can't come to wave through the window because I have bronchitis now. Uncle Jim and Erica are on their way to Riley right now to check up on you.

Angie, when you get a chance, give me a call if you can since I can't come in any time soon. Lori Tielking's hair salon is wanting to do a haircut drive for Bailey, with flyers and all. I told her we needed to check with you and Scott first, and make sure that's something you guys don't mind them doing.

I hope you all have a peaceful evening.

All our love,
Aunt Robin, Emily & Lyndie

5:56 PM  
Blogger Aunt Vickie said...

Bailey and Angie - I haven't been able to come see you since I've had a cold and sore throat. I hated not being able to be there. I had a tough time sleeping last night and had such a strong feeling that you were having a tough time. Every time I woke up I just started praying for you. Maybe God wanted me to do that because he knew you needed it. Anyway, my throat is much better today, so I hope by Monday I'll be able to come visit again. I can't stand not being there. I love you both dearly. Sleep well, both of you and see you soon.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Todd Maurer said...

You are amazing. We are so impressed, but not surprised. You give us all strength. Bailey is a fighter and she just won't quit! Carol said it best, Angie you are my hero, but so is Bailey. I can't wait to visit you next week.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Dawson's said...

Just thinking about all of you and getting ready to say a prayer...just talked to your Aunt Debbie to see how you are all doing...and finally got my computer to cooperate and allow me to sign up and post a comment! Know that you are loved and many are praying for you...
The Dawson's

10:27 PM  
Blogger Scott Needham said...


I just wanted to say goodnight to you and hope that you rest comfortably all night long.

You know, believing in I do, I wondered today just how many Angels will fit in a hospital room at Riley's without getting in the way...(well I guess they can float, so they have all that room up by the ceiling!)....just keep that in mind...that God sends His Angels to watch over you and He's always there for you.....I'll be praying that you have a stress-free night....

Angie...don't be tackling any Angels :)

Love you all very much!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Aunt Cindy said...

We just couldn't go to bed without letting all of you know that you continue to be in our every thought, and we are constantly praying. It's amazing to me that no matter what am I doing, you guys are on my mind. We pray that all of you are able to have a peaceful night, and that Bailey is able to get some much needed quality rest. Nancy, I wanted to be sure and let you know that I sure am proud of my little sis. Bailey is certainly blessed to have not only wonderful parents, but a fantastic "step mom" that loves her so deeply.
Much love to all of you!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Angie - I am putting my arms around you in a big hug! I read your updates when I get up in the morning and again before I go to sleep. I hope and pray that Bailey has a good night and that she can get some rest. And I hope you get some rest too! You are a wonderful mother and an amazing person! I know the love of all of your friends and family will see you through this tough time! It seems as if you are making progress in little baby steps - each day brings you all another step forward! I'm still praying for you all - I love you Angie and also Bailey!!!!

Annette :)

11:11 PM  
Blogger Uncle Jim said...

Hi Bailey,

It's early in the morning and I hope you have been able to sleep. I have really enjoyed being able to look in on you the last couple days. Your wave tonight really was special. There you were, with all you have been through, making me feel good. You are a special kid. We all love you and can't wait until you start feeling better. I will be back tomorrow to check in on you. I have to go out of town again next week but will be checking the website several times each day.


Uncle Jim

1:02 AM  

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