Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today Was a Good Day

Bailey slept great last night. She woke up about every 2 hours asking what time it was, but then she'd fall right back to sleep. She sat on the side of the bed this morning to eat her breakfast - she sent me downstairs for cheesy potatoes and a banana. She also stood up and stepped on the scale and she's back down to 86 pounds!!!! The 2 kilos (4 pounds) she gained yesterday disappeared. She has little skinny feet again. When she got back into bed after breakfast, her BP bottomed out again and her heart rhythm started looking weird. So, in the matter of minutes, they had a whole team of people in here taking chest x-rays, an EKG and an echo, and discussing the results. It is always quite stressful when a whole team of people are gathered in the room. They were talking amongst themselves and I was trying my best to listen and capture everything they were saying, but it all basically went over my head. They made some adjustments to her medication, and attributed her rhythm issues to her pacemaker, I think (at least they said she wasn't in flutter) . . . and said her echo looked better than it did yesterday. By the time Dr. T came in early this afternoon, her numbers were looking a lot better. In fact, he was pleased with her numbers. He told Bailey he still can't guarantee she won't have to have a VAD (in case this isn't just post-pump recovery), but he was pleased with the way things looked today.

She slept quite a bit today - so much so that I was concerned that she just wasn't feeling well, but around 5:00 this afternoon she wanted to sit up and sent me to get dinner. And she was sitting on the side of her bed for about 2 hours. She smiled and laughed and enjoyed a visit from Aunt Cindy and Uncle David. Several times today, she has just wanted to stand up for really no reason other than to just stretch her legs. She is using me and her nurse less and less to move around and stand up. She still needs help to sit up and to lay back down, but improving every day. She got her pain ball removed today. That was a really cool invention -- it's about the size of a baseball and it's filled with lidocaine. It had 2 wires attached to it and ran underneath her skin on either side of the incision on her chest, and it continuously fed numbing medication to her incision. It worked great! But you could really tell when it ran out - she's had to ask for morphine quite often. She was afraid to have the ball removed because she thought the wires would hurt coming out, but Juanita had them removed before Bailey even knew it. And the dressing change went much, much easier and quicker today. With each wire or tube that's removed, her state of mind gets a little more at ease. She'll be dancing the halls when the foley cath and her chest tubes are out.

And they say her rhythm is still doing strange things. But it looks awfully smooth and steady to me. I don't know what the rhythm issues are all about or how serious they are, but it's not flutter.

So, although we again don't know what tomorrow might bring us, today was a good day. If the trend continues, tomorrow should be an even better day - hopeful that the "numbers" will stabilize even more.

Tom and the girls came to visit and I heard all about their shopping trip. It was a huge success. Josie got her black pants and black shoes, and Rissy even walked away with a new pair of shoes. He did good.

Well, we won't be home for Thanksgiving, but Bailey and I have already made plans to watch the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. It's been many, many years since I've seen it because I'm usually elbow-deep in baking and cooking, so that will give us something to look forward to. And my family is going to deliver us a Thanksgiving meal, so we'll be well taken care of. Josie and Riss get to spend the day and night with Aunt Vickie.

Thank you for your continued prayers. They are the best that you could give us right now. Have a happy Thanksgiving week and enjoy the short work week!

Love to you all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your entry was music to my ears. I've been praying throughout the day and have asked my church family to also pray that Bailey's numbers stabilize. You mentioned Bailey's pain ball....what a great invention. I had one when I had lung surgery. It worked great! We were singing a praise song today that reminded me of you. More on that later. I need to find the music and I'll get back with you on that. Maybe you've heard's called "You Never Let Go"....about how in the good times and in the trials God never let's go of us. What a blessing that is. Your family is on my heart and in my prayers. Claire Strayer

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bailey and Angie,
I am really happy to hear Bailey is doing better. Maybe soon you can come back to the Heart Center, we all miss you!!!!! I hope both of you are getting your rest, you really need it !!! Sorry for grammarical errors last night, my hands were moving quicker than my mind, and didn't read it back, for errors, was really busy last night.
Anyway, hope to see you soon. If there is anything at all I can do, let me know !!!! If I don't get to see you before Thursday, I hope you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING !!!! My wife and I will be thinking of you and your entire family, I know it's hard but be strong, it will all work out. Bailey you have done it before, and it looks like you are doing it again, hang in there, you are one fantastic young women. Angie, remember you are a wonderful mother, don't ever short change yourself. Just know during these times you have our love and prayers.


11:12 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

I was sort of out of touch over the weekend and couldn't wait to get to work this morning and check the blog. I was encouraged to read yesterday's entry and hope and trust things will continue to improve each day. Love to you both.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bailey, dear Angie, dear Family Hunsberger,

such wonderful news! We have been holding our breath after we read about the planned surgery, and we are thrilled to read that Bailey is feeling so much better!

Bailey, you are a true fighter! We are so proud to have met you in Berlin, you amaze us again and again. Your family is wonderful, giving you such great support. And you have a fantastic medical team all working on finding the best therapy for you. Hang in there, it will get better soon! We wish you all the best, and are thinking of you always! With heartfelt regards and on top of your Berlin Heart team, Linda

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie and Bailey: My computer at home is not hooked up to the internet yet and I was actually excited to get up this morning when my alarm went off so I could read the Blog. Just wanted to let you girls know that I am thinking of you. When I go home for Thanksgiving, just before we eat, my family and I hold hands and each of us says what we are thankful for this year. I already know what I am going to say. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Niederriter

7:44 AM  
Blogger carmelapples said...

Morning Glories,

Praying that today brings you both more and more renewal. There are so many people praying for you. It would warm your heart to hear their words. I hope that you can feel them.

We're looking forward to seeing you Thursday night. Let us know if anything particular sounds good.

Love you, Deb

8:35 AM  

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