Friday, November 16, 2007

Still a Great Day

This afternoon was a little rougher than this morning. Bailey had to suffer through a dressing change . . . and suffer she did. I'm not sure what percentage of it was fear in anticipation and how much of it was actual pain, but it took 1 1/2 hours to get it done. She wouldn't let her nurse take the tape off very quickly, and there was a lot of tape all over her chest and abdomen. She has two drainage tubes hooked up to the inside of her chest. They are about the size of my little finger in diameter, so really quite large considering they're sticking out of her belly. She is SOOOO very fearful of anyone moving those at all, so it made cleaning under and around them quite an ordeal for our wonderful nurse, Juanita.

Bailey's CVP and blood pressure jumped up this afternoon (CVP up to low 30's; and BP was in the 110's and briefly hit 130) and the worst of it was during her dressing change. So not only did we have a 1 1/2 hour ordeal of pain and fear, but we also had Dr. T and 2 or 3 others popping in and out giving instructions to Juanita. It was really quite a tense time. Juanita ended up having to give Bailey some versed to get her through the dressing change.

They have nitric sitting outside the door in case they decide to use that tonight. They did an echo today to see if they could determine the jump in her numbers, and Dr. T said the pressure in the ride side of her heart was higher than yesterday and the function on the left side was lower than yesterday, but he expects it's due to the trauma of the surgery and we're hoping it straightens out in the next 2, 3 or 4 days. He said this morning was just too easy, and this is actually more of what he expected. I don't necessarily think those are calming words, but I guess it helps a bit.

Ah oh. A respiratory therapist just came in to go some lung exercises. Bailey hates these so I have to go hold her hand.

Talk to you all tomorrow,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie & Bailey -

Gosh, I wish I could come and hold
your hand while you hold Bailey's.
I can just imagine how uncomfortable that can be. Hang in there, Bailey. You both need a
great couple days of peaceful rest.
We will being praying for a
comforting weekend.
Love you all-
Mark, Dee & Kids

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Ms Jenny said...

I think you will remember me, I was Josie and Marissa's teacher for a little while, Bailey was older than the classes I taught at the time, I am Ms. Jenny at the Madison Ave. Kindercare! I just want to say I am thinking of you all!! I read your blog almost every day and you are in all of our thoughts at Kindercare!!!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's 3:45 in the morning and I couldn't sleep any more until I came down here and read the blog. I guess we all had it too easy there for a while. I'm sure we're all still praying, praying, praying. It's so hard being on the outside. If we could, I'll bet there would be about a hundred people there holding both your hands. Think ICU would mind that?

Remember your network out here. We're all still behind you 100% even if we're not physically there.

I heard a saying once..."if you can't sleep, don't count sheep, talk to the shepherd." Guess that's where I'll be the rest of the night praying for your peaceful rest and comfort.

Love you both,
Aunt Vickie

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Nancy Hobbs said...

Aunt Vickie is right! We are all right here praying, praying, praying. Jesus is a mighty healer; I know He is going to finish his work. "Great is Thy faithfulness"

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angie and Bailey: I hope today is going better than yesterday afternoon, that dressing change would make anybody's pressures go up! I say that is what it was - I surely hope anyway. My prayers and thoughts are with you both continually. Love you and miss you... Lori

12:58 PM  
Blogger Marci said...


My name is Marci (Kerr) Evenson, My brother is Doug Kerr, we used to vacation with you and your family in Wisconsin when you were just a little girl.

I have been reading your messages for a while. I felt moved to let you know that you are held in my prayers daily. Bailey's strength, is an inspiration, and your unwavering faith in God is awe inspiring. Thanks you for sharing with us.

Peace of Christ to you, Marci

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok - sorry, but I think Aunt Vicki is wrong. There wouldn't be 100 people holding your hand - it has to be in the bazillions! It is hard to be on the outside - wishing we could do more - knowing prayer is the best thing - but wanting to DO something. But - pray is what we do and what we will continue to do - leave it in the more capable medical professionals hands as God directs them. Keep strong. We love you.
Mike, Nancy, Angela & Andrea

2:48 PM  

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