Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh, What a Wonderful Day!

Bailey's doing so well! She still hasn't slept much, but she's got so much more energy. Still weak and shaky, but she actually sat up today. She's eating Cheerios and drinking Root Beer! It's so, so, so good to see her happy and feeling good.

I got to spend the day at home today and took a nice 3-hour nap in my own bed. That felt really, really good, but I tell you, it was so hard to leave here this morning. God took advantage of that, though, and used it as an opportunity to let me know it's OK to take a break. Scott called me at home a couple times to tell me how good she was doing. The surgeon came in today and was very pleased and was joking around with Bailey (he's moving this weekend and asked Bailey if she'd buy his condo because he needs the money - I bet! haha!) - said her numbers are looking great and she was doing so good. Her PA pressure is still high, but they're not working on those right now. They're just adjusting blood pressure stuff, getting IV meds over to oral meds, etc. They say there's plenty of time to work on teh PA pressure.

So, if the doctors are happy, we're happy.

Todd, I gave her Squirt today - she's loving it!

Thank you all so much for the gifts, cards, messages, comments, food, prayers, etc. They have given us such encouragement! And now that Bailey's not seeing things that aren't there anymore (boy, that was kind of freaky!), I'll start sharing the cards and comments with her.

Hoping to get a good night's rest tonight, but, I tell you, I feel like a new person already. It's so nice to see her pretty smiling face! I wish you guys could see it!

Good night - Angie


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