Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maui Pics

We got to see Brandon (L) and Colin (R) at the Indians' game the night before we left for Maui. Brandon is Hawaiian so he was giving us some tips.

Wow! Our ride to the airport.

Bailey's Make-A-Wish representative, Krista.

We made it! I think Rissy's saying "You want me to smile after that flight?"

They're even cute in their jammies at 5:15a! (Of course that's 11:15a Indiana time.)

The Hyatt grounds were gorgeous!

"You guys better get down! Look what's behind you, Josie!"

Just another beautiful early morning walk. The moon setting over Lanai.

On the boat to go snorkeling with the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Jos and Riss had a moment of the blahs but it passed after their nap.

Tom's didn't pass so quickly . . . at all . . . even after a nap.

Another early morning walk.

Diver Scott at the Maui Ocean Center - he welcomed Bailey and waved hello.

The mornings really were spiritual.

Jos and Riss.

The view from a helicopter.

Our pilot, Mike.

This is the gulch where I thought my life was lost.

Co-pilot Bailey.

Bailey's complimentary drink from the Royal Lahaina Luau.

Bailey's favorite dancer. He presented Bailey with a gorgeous lei courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation after the show.

You should've seen his tattoos. You can kind of see them on his right leg. They were cool!

We didn't drive the entire Road to Hana, but we got a taste of it . . . and the mosquitos got a taste of us!

The "Garden of Eden" was beautiful!

The rainbow eucalyptus was like nothing I've ever seen before.

Gorgeous birds - the owner was kind of wacky though.

Bailey and Jos hang with the birds.

Now we know why the windsurfers like this beach!

Sweet little lady selling baked goods. The only ingredient I recognized was "brown sugar", so I bought that one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, GIRLS:

I really enjoyed your trip !!! The photographs are just beautiful, I can't believe how you have grown (pretty too). Thanks for sharing.


X x X O O o\O

12:13 PM  

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