Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quick Update

Thank you for your prayers for Eryn. However, she got the flu this week and they postponed her surgery to March 3rd.

The Star interviewed Bailey and Dr. T and Mr. Koers (her high school principal) earlier this week for an article that ran today (Saturday - you can also see it on-line - there are 2 versions, a longer one and a shorter one) about the Berlin Heart and Bailey's artwork that was put on a magnet and being sold at Wal-Mart for $1 to raise money for Riley. I know you have a spot or 2 on your fridge that would hold a new magnet very nicely . . . and I know where you can find one!!

The resolution at the State House that Bailey was involved in earlier this week was about organ donation. Rep. Dale Grubb asked Bailey and another teen girl who received a lung transplant to take "the floor" and encourage organ donation. They did a very good job.

Next week is only a 3-day week for school. Bailey's going to take advantage of the shortened week to attend school full-time to see if she is physically up to it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Have a great day! It's beautiful outside right now!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a GREAT update - except for Eryn............

Thanks! X O X O


3:17 PM  
Blogger ems882 said...

I am always so impressed and encouraged by how strong and courageous Bailey is. It is no surprise that she did a great job! I hope school goes well.

It sounds like Bailey is doing absolutely wonderful! This next part didn't post to your last entry so I am going to try to re-post it. I wanted to comment on something you said. Please do not take any offense by what I am going to say. I know she is doing better than anyone would expect in her situation.

You said that you hope that Bailey will always remember how quickly things can change. She will. Going through an experience like that always stays with you. I was wondering if she ever journals. Maybe journaling about how she felt and how scared she was when she kept getting sick (both physically and mentally) and how she felt throughout the hospitalization and how she is doing now. It might help her to go through the details (both good and bad because that is the reality) of what she went through. This way she can always look back and remember exactly how she felt. It should remind her how incredibly strong she is and how far she has come. Sometimes the intensity of what you go through lessens as the years go by, but when I am feeling down or having a medical problem that is frustrating, it is helpful to read my journal and say "oh yeah, I can do this. Things will be ok." Even continuing to journal now could be helpful, even if it is only a couple sentences a day. It is just an idea. It has helped me and several of my friends who spent most of our teenage years in the (just in Chicago, not Riley). Even though Bailey is doing wonderful, she still has been through a traumatizing situation. It helps to write about it and get out some feelings you didn't even know you had.

I am sorry Eryn got sick. Eryn and her family will remain in my prayers, as well as your family.

Take care!

Angie W

12:43 AM  
Blogger ems882 said...

Sorry to take up more room. There is one thing I forgot to say in the above post. When Bailey was in the hospital you were posting your thoughts and feelings every day (which the world seriously thanks you for). Remember how you said that it makes you feel better to "talk to us". My point is Bailey might be able to get that feeling too and get to some things she doesn't realize she feels. I (and many of my hospital friends didn't even know that we had some of these feelings, fears, etc until a social worker gave us journals and advised us to try journaling. It really helped and still does. Once again, just an idea.

Take care!
Angie W.

1:07 AM  

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