Monday, November 26, 2007

Continuing to Heal

We woke up this morning to the respiratory therapist opening the door and saying "Good morning, Bailey . . . Good morning, Bailey! Did I wake you up?! Do you want me to come back? What time do you want me to come back?" Let's just say, Bailey didn't take that very well. Even though it was almost 10:00, she had a rough night -- woke up at 4:00 coughing and choking and then severe chest pain. She didn't get back to sleep until about 7:00. And her severe chest pain continued throughout the morning. She has a huge bruise on her chest now. Don't know if that's a result of pulling or injuring something this morning, or if just a deep bruise finally surfacing from her surgery. But her pain has been much better this afternoon and evening, thank goodness. Dr. Darragh came in today to check on her and when she was telling him she was having some chest pain, he said, "Well, I wonder why?" He and Dr. T just has a way of putting us at ease. And we've been a little concerned -- ok, a lot concerned -- about her weight going up, but they both think that more diuretic will make a difference. Dr. T also said they probably had her a little too dry last week and she's probably just establishing her normal. We're still holding our breath a little bit, but it's good to see that no one is panicky about anything.

No official mention of going home yet, but Dr. T said, "Wow, Bailey, you look like you could maybe go home some time." He's good at those profound statements. Ha! She still has chest tubes in -- they were draining a little more today. Don't know if they'll come out tomorrow or not. Bailey's really scared about getting them removed. She is trying her hardest to get Dr. T himself to take them out. She's even asking that he put her under anesthesia to do it, but I don't think she's gonna get that out of him. Don't think removal of chest tubes warrants such drastic measures. He did say they'd talk about it later and to not worry about it right now. Dr. D mentioned getting an echo tomorrow or Wednesday.

Rissy lost her other front tooth. She called me tonight to tell me she pulled it herself. She was sitting on the couch and took a kleenex and just played with it until it came out. She was so excited! Poor Josie is sick - stayed home from school today.

Bailey and I continued our Riley Rummy game. The lead keeps changing. We were tied at 3970 points. It's a close game!

Well, take care, and we'll catch you tomorrow.


P.S. Diane, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Have Arwin give you a big hug from us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came in to see Bailey last night, you were asleep, so I didn't want to bother you. I showed Bailey her sketch, I think she liked it, I'm going to try and get it enlarged, but if it doesn't look good, or it takes something away from it, I will leave it, and mat it and frame it. My son did a great job, but only did want the picture included. but it's BAILEY !!!!!! I hope to have everything done by next weekend when I come in.
You both stay well,get some rest!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you!!!!

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I come to visit because I can't stand waiting for the next blog. It gives me peace coming in and finding out for myself that everything is still OK. As I told you on the phone, I have a nasty cold and it's driving me crazy not to be able to pop in and see you for myself. Believe me, 24 hours between each blog is too much suspense for me. Anyway, even though I can't come in, I pray for you daily and think of you all the time. Keep amazing those doctors and keep getting better. We're all looking forward to the day you get to come home.

Love you much,
Aunt Vickie

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my girls! I sure have been thinking about you over the past few days. Still praying for continued healing and for Bailey to keep showing Dr. T who is boss around there! Will try to get down there to see you this week.

love to you...Mary Ann

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear Bailey is doing well. Bless her heart she is amazing!! I think about you both so often and look forward to your blogs to get an update. Love you both so much and continued prayers.

Robin and George

8:57 PM  

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