Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kings Island

Hi all! We're having a great spring. It's so nice to be amidst all the blossoming trees and flowers, but I had forgotten how much the midwestern spring can affect the sinuses. Ouch!

Last year at this time, Bailey's 7th grade orchestra took a trip to Kings Island where they performed at a contest in the morning and spent the rest of the day at Kings Island. Bailey, of course, was unable to attend since she was in the hospital waiting on a heart transplant. But, this year, she was able to go and I tagged along as a chaperone. We had to inquire with her cardiologist whether she was able to ride the big coasters (we went 2 years ago before she got sick and she LOVED the Vortex, the Beast, and the Racer). Although he put limits on her roller coaster activity by not allowing her to ride the big ones, she was still able to ride the milder coasters. And, our little group consisted of 3 of her closest friends who either didn't like to ride the big rides or was fine with not riding them for the day. It worked out great, and we all had a wonderful time. The weather could not have been more beautiful -- 60's in the morning and evening but sunny and warm and comfortable mid-day . . . until, of course, the kids decided to ride the Whitewater River ride where they were drenched with ice-cold river water. The two smart adult chaperones (me included - ha!) decided to wait at the ride's exit for their return. Sopping shirts, shorts, shoes, socks and underwear didn't really appeal to us.

Bailey is doing great! She walked all over Kings Island yesterday without ever getting out of breath or showing any signs of fatigue. She was even walking faster then I was on our way back to the bus. And even though I was showing a few signs of fatigue by that point, I was wearing a big smile at the simple fact that she was walking faster than I was. I just love it when the "little things in life" really stand out.

I have found that I can still be quite emotional at the drop of a hat from last year's events. The kids were performing at their contest and it hit me that this time last year Bailey was at Riley attached by a 6-foot tube to a 200-pound box with a laptop computer attached to the top of it and was in her 4th month of using a bedside toilet. We were still waiting on a heart by that point and to think about her heart resting and God having much bigger and better news ahead for us is undenying proof that there is hope to be found in this world. And we really don't have to look very far.

Our family continues to live day by day. I wake up in the mornings and am so grateful that God has given us another day together. I look through the window here next to the computer at the back yard and see the incredible artwork in the trees, birds, flowers, rocks, and even the blades of grass. Each and every work of nature from the individual grains of dirt to the tallest towering trees have their own special purpose in life. And each one of us - from the newborn to the elderly, the short to the tall, sickly to the healthy, the strong to the weak - we each have our own special purpose in life. We were each individually sculpted by God to his exact specifications. Doesn't that just warm your heart? We're right where we are because God planted us here. It gives me comfort and joy to know that God is not only watching us minute by minute, but he is guiding us through this walk on earth. There are lots of ugly and dark things we find here that try their best to distract and catch us off-guard, but keeping our eyes straight ahead makes this journey not only do'able but enjoyable and full of awe.

Who knows what the future holds, but my favorite minister ever, David Evans, said "we know Who holds the future". All will be just fine.

Love, joy and peace to all.


(P.S. Still don't know much about the documentary other than they're still working on it. Dr. T and a few others have seen it - they say we'll like it. Will keep you posted.)