Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Irregular Heartbeat

Yesterday was a big day for us. Bailey felt her heart "thumping" Sunday night and we discovered an irregular heartbeat. Of course, she was terrified, so I got in contact with Riley and we ended up going in yesterday morning for a cardioversion to get her heart back in rhythm. Her echo was fine and Dr. Darragh said this was not an indication that anything bad was happening - just proof that she still needs a low dose of her amiodarone, which they stopped about a month earlier. So, she's back on the amiodarone, and feeling much better today - except for a horrible cold. She could have gone back to school today, but didn't because she was still a little nauseous (probably from the anesthesia). So, all is well again.

We've been invited to tell our story at a Riley Foundation board meeting tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous about that. Last time I spoke in front of a group was in college and I nearly threw up. Hopefully, this time won't be so traumatic since I'll be speaking about something very dear to my heart.

Bailey's enjoying high school. Josie's enjoying 6th grade, and Marissa LOVES her 1st grade teacher. So, we're off to a good start this year.

Just wanted to stay in touch. I'll let you know when the documentary will be airing on TV - still expecting it to be this fall sometime, but haven't heard anything yet.

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous Cindy Dashnaw, Riley Children's Foundation said...

Angie, you'll be fabulous!

10:52 AM  

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